Pick of the bench: CINEBENCH scores for the latest Apple hardware

As 3D software continues to improve, it’s important that your hardware can keep up. The latest version of CINEMA 4D, R13, puts even more fantastic tools into the hands of designers, including an all-new physical render engine. To ensure you get the best performance from C4D, we’ve run CINEBENCH 11.5 CPU tests on a range of Mac Pros, MacBook Pros and iMacs. Check out the scores below to see which hardware works best with C4D.

If you’re unfamiliar with CINEBENCH benchmark testing, check out MAXON’s explanation here, although, essentially it’s a case of the higher the number the faster the rendering process.

Mac Pro

With up to 12 Xeon cores, 1TB hard drives and 6GB of RAM, Apple’s Mac Pro can provide a powerful engine for even the most demanding 3D workflow.

With a range of hard drive, memory and processor configurations, Mac Pro prices start at £1659 ex VAT.

 While the Mac Pro range clearly produces a great set of results (look at all that green!), some may feel that the cost, form factor and fixed nature of a tower machine isn’t for them. If you want something more slimline, or even mobile, MacBook Pros and iMacs still ratchet up some pretty impressive scores…

Cinebench Scores Mac Pro

MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro range offers the best mobile computing solution available and these dual-core or quad-core models are a viable replacement for a desktop. Apple has worked its magic to get the much lighter, much more mobile MacBook Pro performing as well as the early Mac Pros (the quad-core even outperforms the current quad-core Mac Pro), making it a superb all-rounder.

i7 dual-core MacBook Pros start at £1072 ex VAT and there are 13″, 15″ and 17″ options to choose from.

Cinebench Scores Mac Pro


The quad-core iMac provides an all-in-one solution. It boasts the advanced AMD Radeon HD 6970M GPU and 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory – both good news if you’re doing graphics-heavy work – all built in to a 27″ 2560×1440 LED-backlit screen. 

Prices start at £1365 ex VAT for an iMac with high-end processor speeds.

Cinebench Scores iMac

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