Why your fonts deserve professional font management

Frustrated by your fonts? If you’re working with Adobe Creative Cloud or QuarkXPress, and your basic font manager just isn’t up to the job, it’s time you looked into a professional font management solution. Because your fonts are worth it.

Keeping on top of font compatibility is essential to any design group, pre-press and printing team, marketing team or anyone with a font-intensive workflow and professional needs. If your team uses Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, or QuarkXPress, you really want to remain as creative and productive as possible, rather than having downtime caused by font issues.

Identifying font problems

Some of the major problems you might experience with fonts include: opening a document and seeing the dreaded ‘missing fonts’ dialogue, using an incorrect version of a font that reflows the text in a document, spending time resolving font conflicts or duplicate font issues, trying to locate fonts for use on the web as well as on your desktop, corrupt fonts keep crashing your system, time consuming scrolling through incredibly long font lists and the need to find a font when you just can’t remember the name.

As well as being very frustrating, these issues can ultimately lose you – and your clients – valuable time.

Achieving font management bliss

What you really need is a solution that will activate exact versions of fonts, predictably, every time, auto-activate (and deactivate) fonts in the latest professional creative applications you’re using such as Adobe Creative Cloud, and activate fonts in embedded PDF or EPS files. Ideally you want to store your fonts in a secure location, easily address missing fonts and font conflicts, scan for and repair corrupt fonts, and clean font caches, and get uninterrupted font management even when the application isn’t running. It helps if your solution is compatible with the latest versions of OS X and Windows too.

A professional font management solution should be able to do all this, thus overcoming any of the outlined issues you may be having, and achieving font management bliss. Our design team use font management solutions from Extensis and you should see them – zen-like font users, one and all. Recently, they’ve been recommending Extensis Universal Type Server 4 to customers, a professional, scalable font management solution that’s perfect for design, print, and in-house creative teams of all sizes.

Introducing Universal Type Server

Extensis Universal Type Server 4 keeps your entire creative team’s font collection in sync, and provides exceptional font access and licence compliance. Most importantly, it fully integrates with the new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service. With plug-ins designed to work on Mac and PC, the Universal Type Client supports the newest Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InCopy.

Universal Type Server includes QuickComp and QuickMatch tools, which make it easy for designers to test, experiment and select font pairings, quickly creating samples right within the Universal Type Client. It’s really easy to set up too – users can quickly be added or updated through a simple, web-based interface, and team members get the fonts they need delivered to them from a centralised database and don’t have to worry about missing or corrupt fonts, conflicts or substitutions.

It comes in three flavours: Universal Type Server Lite, which is great for keeping small teams or workgroups with up to ten users in sync, Professional, which provides font distribution and control for groups of any size, and Enterprise, which gives you total control over your font management and features like SQL database, and advanced font usage reporting and enforcement.

– You can find out more about Extensis Universal Type Server 4 here.

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