Education app of the week: Tellagami for iPad

Using an ‘avatar’ to speak for you has many uses in the classroom – from simply communicating what you want to say to storytelling and presenting. Tellagami is an iPad app that lets you create and share your message using an animated avatar called a Gami.

What is Tellagami for iPad?

Tellagami (Tellagami Labs Inc, free) is a free iPad app that allows students to communicate through an avatar that they can customise. Text can be recorded live using iPad’s built-in mic or entered into a text editor and then spoken using one of Tellagami’s many built-in voices.

Tellagami app for iPad

Tellagami app for iPad

How can it benefit the classroom?

Tellagami will benefit students who don’t have the confidence to stand up and ‘present’ in front of their peers, but who will be encouraged to share their ideas if someone else (the Gami) speaks for them. It could also be incredibly helpful for any student who has difficulty communicating verbally.

What’s the best feature?

The best thing about Tellagami is its ease of use. Simply customise your Gami, record your message and save as a movie to the Camera Roll, ready for sharing with other apps.

Where can I get it?

Tellagami (Tellagami Labs Inc, free) is available from the App Store on your iPad or from iTunes. Best of all, it’s completely free.

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