Education app of the week: Parallels Access for iPad

We’ve recently been singing the praises of Parallels Access for businesses – an app that lets you work in your Windows applications and desktop directly from your iPad. It’s absolutely perfect for the classroom too, giving Mac and iPad users seamless access to PC resources.

What is Parallels Access?

Based on the Parallels Desktop for Mac software that lets you run Windows on your Mac, Access is the latest version of the Parallels iOS app. It allows you to log in to your PC environment using your iPad, and access all the apps and files on there remotely. You also get to work in more intensive applications than a tablet could usually handle, as Parallels puts the workload on your PC rather than your iPad. If you’re already using Parallels Desktop for Mac, you’re also entitled to a free six month subscription to Access. That’s the basics, but watch the video below for a more in-depth look:

How can it benefit the classroom?

If you’ve already made the move to Mac for the classroom, chances are you’ll still have some PCs in labs and offices which run Windows applications you need, or legacy files and documents. Well now you can log in straight from Parallels Access and have access to all those applications and data from your mobile device. We like to think of it as a long distance remote control for your PC!

What’s the most useful feature?

We love how Parallels Access gives the controls of your PC apps tablet functionality. You launch them as if they were apps, then use multitouch gestures like  zoom, swipe, pinch and drag to manipulate content, and move between files like in iOS. If you’re used to using iPad, you’ll soon be swiping through PC controls far more intuitively – it even adds a Windows key to your iPad onscreen keyboard so you can quickly access your Windows desktop.

How much is Parallels Access and how do I get it?

If you already have Parallels 9 Desktop for Mac, you get six months free access to the app; after that it’ll cost you £34.99 for a year’s licence. You can download it now from iTunes or purchase through the App Store on your iPad.

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