Which new TriCaster is for you?

We’re so big on TriCaster that we’ve got a NewTek Certified Operator on staff, and are running two exclusive demo days later this month. What has this unassuming black box done to deserve so much of our attention? Well, with the latest updates, it’s officially one of the most powerful live production solutions around, with more inputs, social media integration across the board and new holographic sets. You can book a hands-on demo with experts from JVC, NewTek and Jigsaw24 to help you sort out your workflow.  Here’s our guide to the latest models.

TriCaster 40 v2

NewTek’s entry level model, the TriCaster 40, is about the size of a backpack and can be moved between locations as long as you’re not afraid of a bit impromptu weight training or plan to keep everything in a mobile case (for example, if you’re a school and want to roll your recording setup from class to class). Really, we’d recommend it for a single cramped space. As with all TriCasters, one operator can do everything, or you can use control surfaces to split out tasks. And while it only accepts component cameras, it still delivers HD video at a great price point, and is perfect if you’ll mostly be working with VGA feeds.
TriCaster 40 v2
We recommend TriCaster 40 for: 

  • Schools who want to get students creating their own broadcasts.
  • Lecturers and teachers who want to record content for distance learners, or stream lessons online.
  • Businesses who want to deliver simple content to internal websites or digital signage.
  • Events videographers who want to be able to offer live streaming as a service for clients.
  • Webcasters who want to deliver a more polished product than the competition.

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TriCaster 410, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 860

These models allow four or eight video cameras to be combined with graphics, transitions and pre-recorded footage to create a more complex, polished final product for streaming. You can even do basic post-production tasks like trimming clips, and an improved audio mixer means you’ll have better sound quality then anyone on a TriCaster 40, 455 or 855. This is particularly important if you’re going to be doing outside broadcast work and may need to tweak your presenter’s audio levels.
TriCaster 860
The TriCaster 410 is unique in the TriCaster lineup as it only includes the tools you’ll need for live delivery (the downside: no recording of your ‘cast for you to archive; the upside: it’s only £8499 ex VAT for four HD-SDI inputs and four M/Es). However it, the 460 and the 860 are all capable of delivering 32-bit floating point 4:4:4:4 video processing and will accept 720p and 1080i inputs, along with SDI, Y/C, component and composite inputs. The 460 and 860 include NewTek’s IsoCorder technology, which allows you to record every camera stream to your TriCaster’s hard drive, even if only one of them is being streamed.

Exciting features in these newest models include the ability to AirPlay content directly to nearby iOS devices; support for panoramic holographic 3D sets based on iPhone or DSLR images; ‘hotspots’, which allow presenters to trigger titles, transitions or effects by gesturing to a certain part of the screen and social media integration, which was previously only available with the TriCaster 8000.

We recommend the 410, 460 and 860 for:

  • Anyone who needs to be equally at home in the studio and in the field.
  • Companies looking to monetise existing content or attract sponsors, as TriCaster gives you an extra channel to offer advertising on.
  • Sports teams looking to provide live games coverage for executive boxes and concourses, or screen their own pre- and post-match analysis.
  • Leisure facilities who’d like to show off what they can do, and/or offer streaming as a service to anyone who rents their space.
  • Anyone looking to deliver content to multiple locations at the same time – this could include a website, an intranet, digital signage, large-scale displays or a mobile device deployment.
  • Colleges and universities who are serious about giving their students experience of professional workflows, or who work with industry to create professional content at their facilities.

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TriCaster 8000 v2

The biggest and best of the TriCaster range, the 8000 v2 lets you deliver 24 channels of content to 14 different destinations with help from 15 M/E rows, an on-board audio mixer and the best graphics capability of any TriCaster. The v2 update has brought increased stability and failover to the TriCaster 8000, meaning it’s the best choice if you need absolute reliability. Basically, this is an OB van in a box.
TriCaster 8000
We recommend the TriCaster 8000 v2 for: 

  • Anyone doing large scale events work – if you’re running a huge expo, hosting the cup final or staging a Rolling Stones concert, this is for you.
  • Anyone who needs to deliver broadcast quality footage to the web in realtime, for example to tie in with a traditional broadcast or provide additional content for a major media outlet.
  • Multi-site organisations or those with complex in-house AV setups, such as large houses of worship.
  • Anyone in need of a really powerful chromakey setup – this has one of the best we’ve seen.

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