What does Apple iOS 7 mean for education?

With iOS 7 out now, we thought we’d take a look at some of what we understand will be the benefits of using the new operating system for iPad, iPod and iPhone within your institution. As well as a new look design, free iWork apps and improved Find My iPhone feature, the latest version improves how your institution buys app licences and uses Apple IDs.

The iOS 7 update can be downloaded from your Settings, under General > Software Update, and is compatible with all current iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5th generation devices, as well as any iPhone 4 or later. These are the updated features that we think will be of most use to education institutions:

App licence ownership. This is now a much clearer and simpler process thanks to App Store licence management. Institutions can now ‘assign’ apps bought through the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) store to a user and distribute those licences wirelessly using mobile device management software (such as Lightspeed or Casper). These licences can be revoked and re-assigned to other users.

Personal Apple IDs. Students and staff can now enrol with their personal Apple IDs without providing them to their institution, and apps purchased by the institution can be placed in their purchase history for self service download using App Store licence management. Alternatively, you could have your MDM solution automatically download for you. And don’t forget, this is now possible with textbooks (available on iBooks) too.

Automatic updates. Students and teachers no longer need to insert their Apple ID and password when updating software, saving time and simplifying the update process. iOS 7 will also ensure that updates run in the background at the best time possible to save battery life.

AirDrop. Students and teachers can now collaborate more easily with the ability to transfer files and ‘hand in’ school work wirelessly between devices, using AirDrop. Simply select AirDrop in the Control Centre (access this by swiping up on the iPad) and choose which device to transfer to. There’s no need to worry about security as transfers are highly encrypted. (N.B. AirDrop is not compatible with iPad 2).

Single Sign-on. Students and staff now have the ability to securely save a user credential (password and login) to iOS 7, and this secure credential can be used across multiple apps. So users no longer need to keep entering usernames and passwords. As long as the app is assigned to the credential, usernames and passwords are entered automatically and institutional resources can be accessed simply and securely.

Free Apple iWork apps. If you purchase a new device with iOS 7 installed, you will receive Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie and iPhoto completely free of charge. That’s a saving of approximately £27 per device (or £13.50 per device if purchased through the education VPP store).

Find My iPhone. This security feature has now been improved to help make it even harder for anyone who’s not the rightful owner to use or sell the device. You can no longer erase the device without the right Apple ID and password and, even if the device is erased, it will still require your Apple ID and password to reactivate it. So your institution’s device will always remain your institution’s device.

Apple TV. When teaching with iPad, an Apple TV attached to the projector makes it possible to present on the whiteboard wirelessly. An Apple TV for the classroom is ideal, and fortunately they are now even easier to set up as they can also be enrolled into you MDM software, making deployment of the devices simple and automated. WiFi settings can be set and pass codes provided so you don’t have to manually enter all of this information using the Apple TV remote. Find out more about using Apple TV with iPad for presentation here.

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