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Parallels Desktop has been one of the leading desktop virtualisation tools out there for longer than we care to remember, giving Mac users everywhere seamless access to Windows applications and desktops. With Access, they’re revamping their iOS offering in order to give you access to your PC’s resources from your iPad…

What is Parallels Access and what can it do?

Access is the latest version of Parallels’ iOS app, a free six month subscription to access comes with every purchase of Parallels 9 Desktop for Mac. It allows you to log in to your PC environment remotely using your iPad, and access all the apps and files on there remotely. And because it’s harnessing the power of your PC, you can work in far more intensive applications than you’d expect a tablet to handle. Take a look at Parallels’ tutorials for a more in-depth overview:

How does Parallels Access work?

As long as your office (or home) computer has Parallels 9 Desktop for Mac on and is connected to the internet, you can log into it straight from the app and access all the applications on it remotely, essentially turning your iPad into a long distance remote control for your PC.

What’s the most useful feature?

Parallels Access ‘appifies’ the controls of your PC apps, allowing you to launch them as if they were apps, then zoom, swipe, pinch and drag content, and move between files the same way you’d move through open apps. All of this means you get a far more native, intuitive iPad experience, and can accomplish things far more quickly than you’d be able to if you were trying to impose traditional PC controls on a touchscreen. And Parallels are so committed to getting you the full range of Windows functions that Access even adds a Windows key to your iPad onscreen keyboard.

How much is Parallels Access and how do I get it?

If you already have Parallels 9 Desktop for Mac, you’ll have been given six months free access to the app; after that it’ll cost you £34.99 for a year’s licence. You can download it now from iTunes or purchase through the App Store on your iPad.

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