Education app of the week: colAR Mix for iPad

This week’s app, colAR Mix for iPad, allows students to colour in a flat design, then bring it to life using augmented reality on their iPad. We’ve explained just why we love it below, but this really is one app that needs to be seen to be appreciated! 

What is colAR Mix for iPad?

colAR Mix (Puteko Limited, free) is an iPad app that uses augmented reality – computer-generated 3D modelling in real world environments (that’s where the AR in colAR comes from!) – with a difference. Whereas AR has only really had much of a take-up by companies to promote products using 3D visualisations so far, colAR Mix lets you actually engage and get creative with models. Pick one of the pre-drawn 2D templates created by the developer, colour it in either on paper or digitally on your computer screen, then just point the iPad camera at your finished design in the app and colAR Mix wraps your flat design around a 3D wireframe to trigger an animation, complete with your colourful scribblings. Kids will think it’s magic!

colAR Mix for iPad

colAR Mix for iPad

How can it benefit the classroom?

I’ve used colAR Mix with a few different classes now, but one of the best uses is probably to engage pupils in art and design. For example, I used the shoe template to get pupils to design their own trainers then watch as they popped into 3D, which is a great project for key stage 3 Design Technology/Art. Another use could be for digital storytelling. The dragon page is particularly impressive, and could be the basis for coming up with stories for younger pupils.

What’s the most useful feature?

What’s particularly useful for evidencing pupils’ projects is that they can take a screenshot of their 3D design on iPad, then import it into a another app such as iMovie or Educreations to create slide shows, add annotations and more.

Where can I get it?

colAR Mix (Puteko Limited, free) is available for free in iPad’s App Store or via iTunes. Extra page templates are available as an in-app purchase for £1.99.


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