Education app of the week: Codea for iPad

With coding and programming being current curriculum watchwords, we’ve seen plenty of schools starting to integrate those skills into ICT. So this week we thought we’d look at one of the most popular coding apps we’ve come across – iCodea for iPad.

What is iCodea for iPad?

Codea (Two Lives Left, £6.99) is an iPad app that lets students create games and simulations directly on iPad using the Lua programming language (this is based on Python, an easy to use language that typically uses fewer lines of code). It really takes advantage of the features of iOS, allowing you to use multi-touch gestures and the inbuilt accelerometer within your program, simply dragging and dropping code around. Letting students both write and run their own programs within the app, iCodea is ideal for KS3 and KS4 syllabuses.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Where Two Lives Left’s other programming app Cargo-Bot (which we’ve reviewed here) gives students a taste of the processes needed in order to code, Codea actually lets them start playing around and writing their own code. It’s far easier to use than programming languages like C++, and the cute visuals and bright interface are really engaging, so it’s an ideal way to get students modelling situations and solving problems, exploring ideas and trying alternatives.

Codea app for iPad

Codea app for iPad

What’s the best feature?

One of the most useful features is how you can simply  tap on parts of the code to bring up visual editors for sprites (images) and colour changes, This lets students really get hands on and interact with their code, giving a better understanding and engagement of how changing the program changes outcomes.

Where can I get it?

Codea (Two Lives Left, £6.99) is available from the App Store on iOS or from iTunes. Because it’s available under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, you can get discounts of 50% when buying the app in bulk volumes of more than 20, bringing the price down to £3.49.

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