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Before making a major new purchase – upgrading to the latest version of Pro Tools, say – we always recommend that you do a bit of research, and we’re sure any sane Pro Tooler who’s made it to our blog is doing just that. If, however, you’re worried that you won’t have time to sift through the other 158 million results Google has thrown up, fear not. We’ve rounded up the best news, reviews and recommendations from around the web, including a few gems from our own archives and recent news like the fact that the Control 24 and Pro Control are no longer supported (you’ll need to upgrade to the C24 or D-Command respectively). Between this primer and our expert audio team at, you’ll be up to speed on Pro Tools 11 in no time. And then you can buy it here. How convenient.

The best of the blog: top resources from

Pro Tools 11: What you need to know 

Since Avid announced Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools HD 11 at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, we’ve now had a bit of time to let the news sink in, and properly inspect all the new features, CSI-style. With improved performance, enhanced support for video and video hardware, as well as a cheaper upgrade path,Pro Tools 11 is shaping up to be Avid’s most impressive version of their digital audio workstation yet. Read more.

Avid solutions: Pro Tools 11

Key features, hardware options, add-ons, plug-ins and turnkey bundles all explained on our dedicated Avid page (it’s like this, but bigger and with buttons telling you to buy things). Read more.

Is your hardware ready for Pro Tools 11?

The biggest audio news to come out of this year’s NAB show was without a doubt the release of Avid Pro Tools 11. Chief among the things you need to know is the fact that this iteration of Pro Tools has been completely rewritten as a 64-bit application, so if you’re using old Pro Tools HD or HD Accel hardware, you’re going to need to update your hardware to use it. Read more.

Do Pro Tools users need Mac Pro?

Once upon a time, when all your audio add-ons needed FireWire and Pro Tools took up all your available slots, the only real option for doing high-end audio work was a Mac Pro. But with the arrival of Pro Tools HDX, the Magma 3T and Thunderbolt interfaces, you now have much more flexibility… Read more.

Avid’s list of Pro Tools 11-qualified Macs

Before you make the move to Avid Pro Tools 11, it’s definitely worth checking your Apple hardware is up to the job. Luckily, Avid have compiled a full list of Apple computers that are approved for use with Pro Tools HDX and Pro Tools HD Native systems with Pro Tools HD 11.0 software for Mac OS X 10.8.3 and later. Read more.

Avid Pro Tools 11 reviews and walkthroughs: because those in the know, know

FutureMusic review Avid Pro Tools 11

This glowing review comes to you courtesy of FutureMusic’s Steve Evans, and contains some handy project transition advice for anyone who wants to make sure all their Pro Tools 10 projects stay intact when they upgrade. There’s also a roundup of the top improvements that we heartily second. Read more.

MixCoach takes Pro Tools 11 for a test drive

Back when Pro Tools 11 first appeared, MixCoach’s Matt Butler put together this mixing walkthrough. Find out what he digs and not-digs, while picking the new set of keyboard shortcuts at the same time. Watch the walkthrough.

Introducing the Avid Video Engine

We recommend all you sound for picture types sacrifice four minutes of your time for this brief rundown of what the Avid Video Engine is going to do to your Media Composer/Pro Tools workflow (short version: good things). Learn more.

Helpful links

Top five questions when upgrading to Pro Tools 11

The team over at Pro Tools Experts have put together this handy FAQ page for anyone thinking of making the switch to 11. Read more.

Avid’s Pro Tools 11 Knowledge Base

Just in case PT11 will be your first ever Pro Tools purchase and you haven’t encountered this yet, here’s the link to Avid’s own sprawling knowledge base. (The official FAQs are also worth a look.) You’ll never want for official documentation again. Read more.

The Avid plug-in finder

Don’t you wish someone would compile a list of all the plug-ins out there, so that you could easily search for ones that did what you wanted with the system you had? And don’t you wish that someone would put the Pro Tools 11 filter on that list and link to it from a conveniently-placed blog post? It’s your lucky day The nice thing to come out of this list is that fact that many manufacturers are now making their plug-ins AAX 64-bit compatible, including favourites like IK Multimedia’s T-Racks mastering and processing plug-ins and the Vienna Symphonic Library. Find your plug-in.

The approved interfaces and peripherals list

With the move to 64-bit architecture, some older interfaces and extras are left by the roadside in Pro Tools 11, including the Control 24 and Pro Control (you’ll need to upgrade to the C24 or D-Command respectively). This is the page to head to if you want to check whether Avid have tested and certified anything you’re about to buy with Pro Tools 11. Read more.

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