Choosing the right version of Adobe Creative Cloud: Single apps vs. complete

So you’re on board with the idea of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but not sure which version is the best one for you? With single apps and complete versions floating about, we wanted to clear the air and explain the differences between them.

First thing’s first, let’s get one thing out of the way: we’re talking Creative Cloud for teams here. This is Adobe’s collaborative option for groups of up to 100 creative users. It comes with additional benefits such as extra storage and centralised admin and management that aren’t available to individual users. You can see a quick introduction to Creative Cloud for teams in our infographic here.

Essentially, within your workgroup, you can now have a mix of users who are enrolled in single app memberships and users who can access the full set.

What’s the difference between complete and single app?

The obvious difference is that, while Creative Cloud for teams complete includes access to the full range of Creative Cloud apps and services (including the online collaborative tools and file sharing functionality), a single app plan only includes access to one app and limits the amount of storage to 20GB per user (100GB for the complete option).

Additionally, while the single app version lets you sync, share and collaborate with colleagues, and create a customised online portolio with Behance ProSite, you don’t have access to the full range of Creative Cloud apps.

To put that into perspective, with complete, you’re getting access to 19 apps, 6 additional web tools and 8 workflow apps. With single apps, you’re only getting access to one chosen app and Behance, but it is around half the price of the complete version’s promo price.

But how do prices compare?

To enrol a member as a single app user, it will cost you £171 per user per year if you’re already an existing user of CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6. New customers will be charged £267 per user per year.

As for Creative Cloud for teams complete, it gets a little bit more complicated but it’s worth remembering that if you buy before August 31st you will benefit from massive savings!

Until the end of August, Adobe are running a price lock promotion, whereby you only pay £362 per user for each of the first two years of subscription (a saving of over 40%!). After those two years, you’ll pay the full amount for the remaining years.

Don’t worry if you miss out on the price lock, though. From September until December, you’ll still benefit from an offer price of £455 for your first year of subscription.

So should you go for single app or complete?

It’s completely up to you, but we would say that if you’re likely to need more than one app, then you’re better off going for the complete option, purely because it gives you access to all of Adobe’s creative tools as and when you need them, and for an affordable price. If you’re buying before 31st August, for example, then the price of Creative Cloud for teams complete is around the same price as two single app subscriptions; after that, if you’re using 3 or more apps, then complete is still the more affordable.

[UPDATE, 16/04/2014]: From 1st June 2014, Adobe CS6 will no longer be available in TLP and CLP licensing programmes, with the last order date being 30th May. Adobe are doing this to simplify their creative offering and decision making process for customers and by removing this option and focusing on Creative Cloud, it will be easier for all customers to stay up to date with the latest and greatest features and tools. If you have any questions about making the move to Creative Cloud, please get in touch!

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  1. If I am using illustrator/photoshop at work and then wish to continue working from home on a different iMac do i have to have 2 licenses.

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