Education app of the week: iDoceo for iPad

Ditch the spreadsheets and binders full of pencilling – iDoceo for iPad is an electronic grade book that lets you keep track of all your pupils’ grades and even add attachments to each of them. We’ve been getting rave reviews about it from schools like Pleckgate High, and here’s why we love it. 

What is iDoceo?

iDoceo (Bert Sanchis, £3.99) is an electronic grade book for iPad that lets teachers track pupil progress. You can also add statistical data along with files, images and video evidence, create seating plans for classes, and make planners which can sync up with your iOS Calendar. It’s really easy to adapt and customise the column view of each class so you can assess how your pupils have been getting on over a term or a year. No internet connection is required, and you even have the ability to upload data back into SIMS (School Information Management Systems).

iDoceo for iPad

iDoceo for iPad

How can it benefit the classroom?

This is an app that’s very much just for teachers, but it’s a very useful one to have, and one we think could easily replace all the usual methods you have of charting pupil progress. What sets it apart from a simple spreadsheet is that, as well as adding statistical data for each pupil, you can also attach files, images and video evidence, making it easy to see how your pupils have been getting on at a glance. It’s also far easier to manage, as you can do everything in-app, rather than having multiple spreadsheets (or papers) to deal with.

What’s the best feature?

One of the best features of iDoceo is that you can create seating plans for classes, and even add configurable views and backgrounds. You can have up to as many as five seating plans per class, which really helps quickly look up pupils, and also see if seating arrangements are having an effect on attainment.

Where can I get it?

You can get iDoceo (Bert Sanchis, £3.99) by heading to the App Store on your iPad, or downloading it from iTunes.

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  1. Hi
    I have been asked to find something that does the same as this app but that will run on windows , do you have any suggestions ?

    thanks Erica

  2. Hi Erica, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately I can’t think of a Windows app with the same functionality as iDoceo. Will have a look!

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