New ways to capture the action: NewTek TriCaster for sports clubs

If you’ve got a sports facility with digital signage – and this applies to anything from a leisure centre to a football stadium – NewTek TriCaster is the easiest way for you to start creating your own content to deliver to screens, whether that’s post match analysis delivered to executive boxes or a live online stream from a local tournament.

Whatever sport you’re hosting at whatever level, you don’t exactly need to be a rocket scientist to work out that the more of the action you help audiences see, the more they’ll keep coming back. TriCaster allows you to take feeds from cameras around your facility and mix them to offer spectators the best possible view of the game – you can even combine it with NewTek’s 3Play instant replay system to stream slow motion recaps of key moments to signage during the game or as part of half time shows.

Adding content to your digital signage
Populate digital signage with NewTek TriCaster

Populate digital signage with NewTek TriCaster

If you’ve got a large scale screen over your pitch (or tennis court, or ice rink, or pool), you can combine TriCaster and 3Play to mix realtime footage of the game with instant replays, ads from sponsors or for upcoming events, and your own branded graphics, so there’s no chance of any spectators missing a key moment or message. At the same time, you can send content to screens in executive boxes or any other private viewing galleries in your facility, or run highlights and adverts on screens in your concourses and entrance areas during the build-up to the game.

You can also add in feeds of realtime comment from social media sites and clips of past performances, so everyone watching gets as full a view of the game as possible, or charge sponsors to have their own clips or graphics added to the feed for additional exposure on their part and additional revenue on yours.

Recording and repurposing content

TriCaster can record all the footage you shoot to its internal hard drive while it’s streaming, so you have an archive on everything you’ve shot to repurpose. This could mean that players rewatch games to identify what they need to improve (great if your facility provides a lot of training), but you can use that content to engage fans and potential sponsors, too. Get the footage online post-game for anyone who couldn’t be there, create highlight reels to play before your next match or to share online, or combine the clips with new live footage and stream your own post-match analysis show.

Create your own graphics and post-match analysis with NewTek TriCaster

Populate digital signage with NewTek TriCaster

Engaging with a wider audience online

One NewTek customer, basketball team Miami HEAT, even went so far as to create their own pre- and post-game analysis when their local broadcaster stopped broadcasting games. They managed to reach over 1 million fans through livecasts on their website – you can see how in one of NewTek’s fantastically-soundtracked TriCaster case studies. (Any Miamians reading, we’d love to help you but unfortunately we can’t sell to America.)

As well as helping them keep bringing fans back to their site, features like this can actually help you create extra revenue, as TriCaster will let you intercut live footage and clips with sponsor messages (you can even do this on your digital signage mid-game, if you like).

And if your team, club or facility is active on social media, you’ll be pleased to hear that TriCaster offers one-click sharing with sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can select stills or single clips to send to the web straight away, or create bundles of recorded content to post online later. You can even add tickers and social media streams to your signage so that fans at the game can see the online response, or add their own messages.

Take a look at our range of TriCaster solutions, or get in touch on the details below to find out more.

TriCaster is easy to use and can be managed by a single operator, so you don’t need a large creative time to put together effective content – we can even train up your existing staff for you. Get in touch on 03332 409 306 or email to find out more. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Video on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook

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  1. Hi Josh, thanks for the comment.
    There are two ways to do this, and one is better than the other. Firstly, it is possible to do it in the TriCaster and update it manually, however this isn’t really practical when you have someone vision mixing a multi-camera sports broadcast. The best thing to do is install LiveText on a separate PC and have someone else controlling all your Bugs, Stings, Tickers etc and updating them in realtime without your vision mixer having to take their eyes off the feed. I’d say this is the best way to work.
    Hope this works for you!

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