Education app of the week: HeartDecide for iPad

Pupils don’t know much biology? With the HeartDecide app, you can get them to engage with the subject digitally, dissecting and learning from an interactive 3D heart. Anatomically correct and full of supporting information, it’s a sight easier and less messy than a trip to the butcher’s!

What is HeartDecide?

The HeartDecide app (ORCA MD, free) is foremostly a 3D model which you can rotate and section to explore the various atriums and ventricles of the human heart. On top of that, it also includes detailed information about health conditions surrounding the heart, including symptoms and recommendations for treatment based on best practices. As it’s ‘Powered by Harvard Medical School’, you can expect these to be in-depth and up-to-date, so your pupils will soon be reeling off terms like valvuloplasty and mitral regurgitation as if they were Dr Doug Ross.

HeartDecide for iPad

How can it benefit the classroom?

HeartDecide is obviously going to be perfect for biology, and the breadth of information on offer means it can be used as in introduction to pupils who might not have even seen what the inside of a heart looks like before, right up to being a useful revision tool for GCSE students. The fact that it’s completely free doesn’t hurt either.

What’s the best feature?

We really like how there’s the possibility of taking the information from HeartDecide to use later. The 3D visuals are crying out to be screen grabbed, allowing student notations or verbal explanations to be added later, when combined with a presentation app like Educreations or ShowMe.

Where can I get it?

HeartDecide (ORCA MD) is free, and available to download for iPad directly from the App Store, or through iTunes. If you feel like taking it a bit further, ORCA MD also publish detailed apps for other body parts, such as EyeDecide and SpineDecide.

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