Video killed the radio star: A new level of digital interactivity

Businesses can use Enterprise TV to develop a level of digital interactivity that is far in advance of traditional communication channels.

What makes video great?

Leading executives suggest the ability to stream live and pre-recorded content represents an opportunity to collaborate with customers and employees in a distinctive manner.

Rather than having to rely on written text, static images or spoken audio, the digital revolution presents an opportunity to push content across the network and to communicate interactively. The amount of digital advertising money dedicated to video is set to rise by more than 50% through 2015, according to researcher eMarketer.

However, the overall share of digital spending for video is still small, standing at just 3% in 2012. The reason for the lack of uptake is simple enough – while business executives recognise the potential of video, they also believe there are a number of significant business and technology challenges to overcome, including cost, flexibility, integration and implementation.

So, what should leading executives do in their attempts to make the most of video? Help comes in the form of Enterprise TV from Jigsaw24, a platform that executives can use to run their own TV channels and push content through a dedicated iOS or Android app channel to customers and employees.

How can my business overcome cost concerns?

Video conferencing is expensive. Prices can vary from hundreds of pounds for a low-level desktop solution to hundreds of thousands of pounds for a full-on telepresence suite from a major provider. Add in networking costs, and your chosen approach to enterprise video can quickly become costly.

The effects of the downturn are still being felt and spending on dedicated videoconferencing systems declined in 2012, according to Infonetics Research. However, video conferencing helps improve the quality of interactions and executives do want to find cost effective solutions.

Recent Frost & Sullivan research suggests spending on video conferencing systems and services will almost double from current levels to $6.3bn by 2016. Enterprise TV provides a means to stream content, create video-on-demand and run conference sessions across multiple formats.

How can my business ensure system flexibility?

Executives can use Enterprise TV’s live and video-on-demand formats to push content to employees and customers in a variety of ways. Businesses can upload training videos to their TV channel. Tests can be added to video channels and HR information can be viewed at a time that is convenient for each individual, rather than having to disrupt an entire department.

As well as on-demand company announcements, Enterprise TV allows organisations to hold webinars through live channels. Or additionally executives can have company presentations to hand ready for meetings with clients. Further platform developments mean businesses will also be able to use webinars to create a two-way interaction, increasing the potential for video-based collaboration.

iOS video delivery through Jigsaw24's Enterprise TV
iOS video delivery through Jigsaw24’s Enterprise TV

When it comes to your customers, your clients can access public channels via the downloaded app. Content can be streamed live to digital signage, so customers visiting your firm are greeted with video on different screens. Businesses can also run advertising between scheduled programming and ensure targeted messages are pushed to customer-facing channels.

How can my business create an integrated platform?

Video requires a simple user interface. The success of video on-demand services – such as BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4oD, and streaming providers like LOVEFiLM and Netflix – shows the potential for allowing people to select content of their choosing. Your users, both internal and external, are already used to on-demand video.

Enterprise TV provides a platform for your business to take advantage and to create a corporate version of popular consumer channels. The system uses a simple user interface and can be hooked into existing platforms and directory services, allowing staff to log in using their standard credentials (and other users to request them). Once inside Enterprise TV, it’s a simple click and select setup for accessing both live and on-demand content. Enterprise TV allows businesses to run up to 36 channels, so executives can run a mix of live and on-demand video for internal and external requirements.

There are no restrictions on video size or length. Executives can alter storage requirements to suit business needs. And rather than having to rely on the basic branding features of other platforms, Enterprise TV allows businesses to use their own designs across icons and headers.

Security is also a concern – some content, after all, is too sensitive for general consumption, such as HR and corporate information. While YouTube and Vimeo can help increase exposure, Enterprise TV can ensure such coverage is restricted to a targeted audience.

How can my business implement the technology?

The benefits of video might sound great in theory but your business might need more practical evidence. As proof of concept, Jigsaw24 can provide executives with access to our own servers to see how well the system works.

Once your business peers are convinced, the software and hardware required for Enterprise TV can be run either on premises or at a data centre, depending on customer need. Your business can work with Jigsaw24’s design department to customise the interface in line with your corporate branding.

Our workflow specialists can also provide advice on every aspect of the video process, from live production and editing through to final delivery and management of content. And if you want more hands on expertise, Jigsaw24 can manage and schedule the uploading of your content. We can then provide on-going support to ensure your business is making the most of video.

For more information on the features in Enterprise TV and to download the Jigsaw24 app, head to our Enterprise TV page here. Or get in touch with the team on 03332 409 234 or email if you want to find out how to make the most of video content.

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