Education app of the week: Showbie for iPad

Looking for a way to easily share work between staff and pupils? Our app of the week, Showbie for iPad, is probably your best bet. With cloud-based sharing, voice notes and integration with Pages, it’s becoming one of our favourite iPad apps for the classroom, and our e7 schools have been loving it too.

What is Showbie?

Showbie (Showbie Inc, free) is a sharing app that makes it easy to collect, review and distribute pupils’ work directly on iPad. You start off by sending an enrolment code to pupils, which lets them sign up to shared assignment folders for specific classes. Within these, you can load lesson resources such as activity sheets, videos, learning objectives and web links, then dole them out to everyone who’s enrolled in that class.

Once they’ve completed their work, they can send the finished document back directly to the teacher through the app for assessment, which is all done privately (there isn’t an edit/annotate function within the app just yet, but we reckon this might come in future updates). You can even add voice notes to the shared folders or to individuals, which is a pretty neat way to give critical feedback.

How can it benefit the classroom?

The simple fact that you can distribute resources and have pupils re-submit their work all through Showbie makes the app a great tool for teachers. Setup via the enrolment codes is incredibly easy, so you can start pushing work out to pupils in no time. We’ve had some really great feedback about Showbie from schools in the e7 1:1 iPad pilot scheme we’re running, and think it could definitely benefit just about any school.

What’s the most useful feature?

Showbie has a range of options for opening documents, with Adobe Reader, GoodReader and Dropbox being the ones we tend to use a lot, but by far the most interesting is the link-up with Apple Pages. Open up any Pages document within the Pages app, and you can then share it directly from Pages to Showbie. Pages will even show you the last Showbie shared folder you were in, or you can just browse for the right folder or user, so it’s brilliant for flitting between the two.

Where can I get it?

Showbie (Showbie Inc, free) is completely free and available from the App Store or via iTunes. It can also be set up as a whole school site deployment, for a fee, which allows unlimited assignment uploads, 100 students per class and student administration.

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