Make the most of your 4K-ready FS700 with new firmware

Between the promised HXR-IFR5 interface and a new firware update, the Sony’s NX-FS700 is shaping up to be a formidable budget 4K offering. 

Combining your Sony FS700 with an HXR-IFR5 recorder and the new firmware will allow you to capture 2K and 4K RAW High Frame Rate (HFR) images, giving your greater flexibility when it comes to post. Once the IFR5 arrives (hopefully by the end of the month) you’ll be able to capture 4K RAW at 100fps or 120fps in four second bursts, or 2K RAW at 100fps, 200fps or 240fps continuous recording.

Are you eligible for a free upgrade? 

You can purchase the firmware for your camera now, for use with third party recorders or to get used to all the new features like S-Log2 and extra gamma curves before the IFR5 ships, and it’ll cost you €500. (This is an introductory price, so we’d recommend you get your update before the price has the chance to rise.) However, if you purchase the FS700 and IFR5 together before 31st December 2013, you’ll get the firmware upgrade gratis, so if you’re thinking of buying a new camera and need the extra flexibility of 2K and 4K RAW, now’s the time.

How do I get my upgrade?

It has to be performed by a Sony technician, but don’t worry about shipping costs – your €500 covers your camera being collected, upgraded, having its sensor given a loving clean and then returned to you.

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