Which new feature in Adobe Creative Cloud are you looking forward to?

With a raft of new features making an appearance in the new Creative Cloud apps, we want to find out what it is you’re most looking forward to using! To get the ball rolling, we asked some of our designer friends to let us know their most anticipated tools. Find out what they had to say below, and add your own thoughts in the comment box at the bottom.

“Being a designer and illustrator, I was intrigued to find out what the new Illustrator CC features had to offer – I was happily surprised! First and foremost, thank goodness for the Touch Type Tool!

I can safely say there is a great squeak of delight that Adobe has finally unveiled this colossal achievement. Editing and outlining text to achieve the optimum look can sometimes be time consuming, only then to forget which font you were originally working with! The new Touch Type Tool seems to hit the mark with custom type editing. It allows you to manipulate individual characters within the original text frame, interacting with them as though they were their own distinct object.

Not only can you move, scale, rotate individual characters whilst remaining in control of kerning and leading, but this powerful tool allows each character to remain as an active font, allowing for swopping and changing between typefaces – even after editing! Couple this feature with the new Font search and it’s an instant win.

Long gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through typefaces in the hope that the elusive font will jump right out at you, the new CC Font search allows for a speedier approach in finding what you’re after. Simply type a style, font family or part of a font name into the Character panel and hey-presto, CC instantly filters your criteria. This will certainly speed up my creative workflow.”  – Zoe Scott-Smith, Graphic Designer at Threerooms


“Through-putting one magazine a week, faster performance is always welcome. And while not everyone in my team uses InDesign, the ‘Sharing with Creative Cloud’ function will be valuable, too, keeping all our files up-to-date and accessible from wherever we choose.

While print media is still widely used, I’m also looking at digital publishing and apps. Easy creation of iPad apps without writing code will be useful, and live preflighting means I can check my work as I progress with it. Adaptive Design Tools meanwhile, will enable me to design one layout and repurpose it with minimum fuss – essential in a busy production environment.”  – Richard Gooding, Production Editor, Public Sector Information Limited -Visit http://psi-media.co.uk


“Working across a number of different titles, I need to have access to the same publishing tools all the time, even when I’m out of the office, so moving to the cloud is a brilliant move from Adobe. I’m looking forward to being able to fire up InDesign on the train and getting on with my work with no down time.

The other thing about Creative Cloud is that you get a ton of new features which weren’t included in InDesign CS6. For a start, Adobe have made EPUB creation even easier, which will be great for putting together digital editions, but the real winner for me has to be the new font system. You can now search for particular fonts and preview them in your layout before applying them, and you can also tag your favourites so that it’s even quicker to access them in future.” – Lee Dalgleish, Senior Designer, Northern & Shell


On Illustrator CC’s Touch Type tool: “Many design projects I am involved in are based around the creation of logos and infographics. These are areas of design that strongly rely on creative manipulation of typography. Currently, the only way I can design intuitively with type in Illustrator is by outlining individual characters as shapes and then scale, rotate and reposition them to match my design sketches. However, this means I lose the ability to quickly see how my designs look in other font families. Illustrator CC’s Touch Type tool will really help realise my ideas quicker because I can now experiment with different font families without having to rebuild my type compositions from scratch.”

On InDesign CC’s Instant Font Preview: “Deciding upon the right font for a particular headline can often be a tricky task for me as there are so many to choose from. InDesign currently provides only a thumbnail-size preview of a selected font meaning it can be difficult to distinguish between some of their finer distinctions. It can sometimes mean when I need to work at speed, I dismiss many potential choices, falling back on a small selection I know well. I’m really looking forward to InDesign CC’s Instant Font Preview, which will allow me to instantly see how a font looks in the context of my design whilst browsing. It is a more fluid way of working – and I can imagine I will discover some great new fonts I’ve previously overlooked!” – Darren Crellin, Designer at Jupiter Design. Follow him on Twitter @darrenjcrellin

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