Avoid £150,000 fine with management and encryption

Last week, it was announced that Glasgow City Council has been fined £150,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office for losing two unencrypted laptops, one of which contained more than 20,000 people’s personal information. It calls into question the security of devices and the best way to prevent data loss on stolen devices, but how can organisations stop this happening to them?

Managed devices mean manageable security

If laptops are enrolled in a management solution, such as JAMF’s Casper Suite (for OS X) or Absolute Software’s Absolute Manage (for OS X and PC), then IT teams have complete control over the device. Should an enrolled laptop go missing, it can be completely blitzed of sensitive information. In addition, if the laptop is enrolled in a management solution and backed up with a solution like Code42’s CrashPlan Pro E, the user can have profiles, preferences and data remotely reinstalled on a new device.

How to make sure you don’t lose data in business…

1. Get a management solution – whether you opt for JAMF, Absolute Manage or an alternative, it’s important to have your devices enrolled in a solution that includes remote wipe functionality.

2. Within a management solution, like Casper Suite, IT can run a report on all Macs in your environment that do not have disc encryption.

3. Remotely inform users that they should have disc encryption enabled, which can be set up on a Mac by:

– Going to “System Preferences”
– Then to “Security & Privacy”
– Select “FileVault” and hit the “Turn On FileVault” button
– Make a note of the “Recovery Key” generated. If they forget their username and password after booting up, this recovery key is needed for access. (If the Mac is enrolled in Casper, IT admin have access to recovery keys.)

Find out more about administering FileVault in Casper in this JAMF whitepaper.

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