Education app of the week: bossjock studio for iPad

Podcasting is a great way to get students working together on projects and using digital media to deliver them. And with this week’s top iPad app, they’re fantastically easy to create too. Find out why we’re raving about bossjock studio for podcasting…

What is bossjock studio?

bossjock studio (the bossjocks, £6.99) is a pretty amazing little app that lets you create rich audio podcasts without all the usual kit. You can preload a bank of cartridge buttons or ‘Carts’ with recorded material like jingles, songs, idents and sound effects, then trigger them while you’re recording your voice. A microphone button with automatic audio ducking also lowers the volume of what’s playing so you can talk over any audio. Effectively, it’s a radio broadcast console all contained within iPad, letting anyone instantly become a radio DJ.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Podcasting can be used in a wide range of subjects for presenting projects. Usually, you would need at least a laptop running audio software such as GarageBand along with a decent microphone to put together a podcast, but bossjock studio gives you all the functionality of those kind of programs directly within the app (we’d still recommend an external mic rather than using iPad’s built-in one though). It’s also very easy to share the results for assessment and feedback – once recorded, you can export it as .mp3, .m4a, .wav or .aiff in mono or stereo, then share via Dropbox, FTP and email, or even upload it to your school’s SoundCloud account or the iTunes podcast library.

What’s the best feature?

The most impressive thing about bossjock studio is the way it uses the iPad’s touch functionality. Being able to simply tap one of the 35 cartridge buttons to trigger different audio elements means creating a podcast is incredibly easy and intuitive.

Where can I get it?

Either head to the App Store on your iPad or visit iTunes to download bossjock studio. It’s £6.99, but is also available under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, meaning if you buy more than 20 instances, the price drops by 50% to £3.49 each.

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