Best practice tips for redefining mobility

Three tips for redefining mobility in your business from Bauer Media’s CIO Stuart Page…

Take advantage of the technology

“Redefining mobility is all about understanding what your customers actually need in order to buy our content,” says Bauer Media CIO Stuart Page. “As a CIO, you’ve got to be prepared to blow up your existing business model and think how you can take advantage of the digital age.”

Developing apps internally

Page has established a mobile centre of excellence, which operates as a specialist team for anyone who wants to dabble in apps. “We’re keen to avoid the pitfalls of working with Wild West vendors, who might be there on day and gone the next,” he says. “Developing internally means we gain the expertise and the intellectual property.”

Approaching solutions with caution

Sometimes, of course, Page selects an off-the-shelf solution. But when he does, he always proceeds with caution. “Do your due diligence if you’re going to engage with an apps vendor,” he says. “You live and learn by your mistakes. Avoid the pitfalls of working with a company that disappears overnight.”

Stuart Page has been Group IT Director at Bauer Media for the last four years. Prior to this, he spent five years at Emap PLC where he was responsible for all technology strategy and delivery across Emap consumer, B2B and Radio Divisions.

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