Education app of the week: Ubersense for iPad

Originally designed for analysing sports performance, we’ve been looking at the Ubersense app for iPad this week and found there are actually a wide range of applications you could use it for in the classroom, from PE to SEN, and with art and design thrown in for good measure. Here’s a bit more on Ubersense…

What is Ubersense?

If you caught one of our previous apps of the week, Coach’s Eye, then Ubersense (UberSense, Inc, free) will look quite familiar. It’s a sports analysis app that lets you record video of an athlete’s performance, then add annotations and voiceover, rewind sections, and speed up and slow down specific elements to provide detailed feedback on performance. What’s different about Ubersense is that it’s completely free!

How does it work?

Ubersense lets you either record video using iPad’s built-in front-facing or rear cameras and add instant feedback, or take any existing video from your Camera Roll and start from there. You can preview your videos before you open them up, which is handy if you’ve got many different versions of the same person’s performance and need to find the right one. There’s also an option to label it by certain ‘Techniques’ such as ‘kicking’ for football and so on, tag who’s in it, and name which ‘Athlete’ is featured, making it a bit easier to divide the videos into categories.

Once you’ve got the video you want, you can start adding your feedback. Open up the video and press the record button, then start annotating in realtime (there are shapes, lines, freehand pencils and angle tools to choose from). Ubersense will record everything that you’re saying and doing on screen live – pause, rewind and fast forward specific frames and sections in different speeds using the onscreen jog wheel. You can even compare your recording to previous videos to check progress while you’re recording. When you’re done, Ubersense compresses the video and saves all your annotation, then you can easily email it from within the app using a private link saved on Ubersense’s website, share via social media or save to your Camera Roll or Dropbox for sharing.

How could it benefit the classroom?

While Ubersense is an obvious fit for sports analysis in PE, we can see this being particularly good for SEN. Because you can email results directly from the app, it’s easy to send evidence securely to assessors (and also parents) to demonstrate any progress made. Videos are saved in a secure space where only those who have the link have access to them and can add comments. But really, any subject where pupils need to detail a process or the progression of a project, such as in art and design, could benefit from using Ubersense. If you’ve tried the ShowMe or Explain Everything presentation apps, Ubersense is the natural progression.

Where can I get it?

You can download Ubersense (UberSense, Inc, free) by heading to the App Store on your iPad, or alternatively check it out on iTunes here.

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