Keep your students safe online with Lightspeed

If you want a simple way to keep students safe online, in and out of the classroom, Lightspeed Systems is the way to go. There’s three educational specific tools – 1. Mobile Manager; 2. Rocket content filtering appliance and 3. My Big Campus, the engaging collaborative workspace – that work together to create a safe, managed, engaging environment.

We’ve picked out what each element of Lightspeed does and how it can benefit the classroom below, but get in touch with us if you need any more information on Lightspeed and eSafety!

Control your iPad deployment with Mobile Device Management

Lightspeed’s MDM tool, Mobile Manager, lets you look after your whole iPad deployment and apps, and set restrictions on web access. Create profiles and groups to control what departments and what groups of pupils have access to what, or even lock all your devices into a single app using the Single App mode. There are also really handy Advanced Reporting options that let you manage your network, adjust policies and troubleshoot problems.

Get safe web access with Rocket and filtering tools

Rocket is the appliance behind Lightspeed’s web filtering tools, which also features advanced reporting. Web Filter makes sure your iPad and PC estate can only access pre-approved content, reporting any suspicious searches and behaviour to the school’s pastoral care team. Mobile Filter, a combination of the MDM and Web Filter tools, then lets you filter from anywhere, without a VPN, for offline protection. In other words, your pupils are just as safe on their devices at home as they are at school.

Your own safe, collaborative web portal from My Big Campus

My Big Campus is an alternative to a VLE, and works a bit like your own Facebook, encouraging collaboration and promote self learning. You can set up groups for different projects, share work and resources in a pupil-friendly environment. The best thing is, it’s all monitored by Lightspeed using their Bob Campus realtime moderator service. Bob monitors and advises on safe and appropriate codes of practice, stepping in to give advice to pupils if anything inappropriate is shared, plus it will integrate with your existing Active Directory!

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