Education App of the Week: Casper Focus for iPad

If you’ve been using JAMF Software’s Casper Suite to manage your Macs and iOS devices, you might be interested to hear that they have a brand new app available: Casper Focus. This clever app lets teachers take back control of any iPad devices in their classroom, allowing them to control which students can access which apps during their lessons.

What is Casper Focus? 

Casper Focus allows teachers to take control of devices on their area of the school network (e.g. within their classroom or lab). While the iPad is in that area, the teacher can choose to lock each iPad to a specific app, force it to move between a series of apps in order to keep pace with the lesson, unlock a locked iPad if a student has forgotten their passcode and monitor the power level of every device in the room. All of which means they have far more control over the flow of their digital lessons than ever before. Plus, if you’re already using Casper Suite, this addition is completely free!

How does it work? 

Casper Focus gives the teacher a breakdown of what devices are in their classroom and which app is currently being used on each. They can then select a single device, a group of devices or all the devices and force them to enter a single app, or unlock their passcodes. When it’s time to move to another app, the teacher simply selects the devices they want to move on, then selects the next app from a drop down menu. The devices will then automatically load whichever app they’ve been told to. For a bit more detail, have a watch of this overview from JAMF Software:

How could it benefit the classroom? 

While the benefits of the locking functionality are obvious – you can finally be sure your students aren’t spending half the lesson on Facebook, or that they’re not sneaking a look at their notes during an exam – but it’s the user-friendly UI that really makes Casper Focus shine. While a lot of Mobile Device Management solutions are designed for IT teams to use and can be quite complex, Casper Focus is extremely simple and easy to use. It lets staff control iPad deployments with the minimum of fuss, meaning no more lesson time than necessary is spent on IT admin.

Where can I get it? 

Casper Focus (JAMF Software, free to Casper Suite users) is available for iPhone and iPad now. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store, and will work with any iPad that’s managed by Casper Suite v8.7 or later. If you’re not using Casper Suite and would like to know more about what it can do, how it’ll work with your existing systems and – most importantly – what the education discount is – get in touch with the team on the details below!

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