Education app of the week: Skitch for iPad

[UPDATE, 08/01/2015: Just a warning that Skitch has recently been re-rated 17+ in the App Store due to its integrated web browser. This may lead to it being ‘blocked’, especially in primary environments where it is often a core app.]

Evernote can seemingly do no wrong when making apps, consistently coming up with productivity tools that are great for the classroom. That goes for our education app of the week too: Skitch, Evernote’s image annotation app for iPad. 

What is Skitch?

Skitch (Evernote, free) is an incredibly simple app that allows you to take any image (whether that’s a screenshot, a photo taken from your iPad’s Camera Roll, an image sourced from the web, a map or anything else) and annotate it with text, drawings and shapes. There’s now even the possibility of annotating PDFs within Skitch. Once you’ve made your markups, you can then share the image or document with staff and students to make it much easier to give feedback and explain processes.

How could it benefit the classroom?

Because it’s so easy to give instant feedback, Skitch is perfect for annotating written work, giving detailed explanations of diagrams or brainstorming ideas with a group. While that makes the whole process of providing feedback to students much quicker and easier, it also means you cut down on the cost (and environmental impact) of passing reams of paper back and forth, as you can send annotated images and documents directly from iPad to iPad.

What’s the best feature?

One major new update has made Skitch able to annotate PDFs (as long as you have a subscription to the Evernote app too), which is something of a breakthrough. This means students can access PDFs of anything from activity sheets and quizzes to creative writing and poems on any device or computer, then sketch their ideas and answers directly onto the PDF to hand in. You’re now able to add cool stamps to images and documents too, letting you give instant custom word responses or preset reactions like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, as well as ticks, crosses and even love hearts!

Where can I get it?

The basic version of Skitch (Evernote, free), but if you’re after some of the more advanced features like PDF annotation, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription to Evernote. You can download Skitch directly from the App Store on your iPad, or from iTunes here.

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