Is your WiFi ‘fit for 21st Century learning’?

According to a report on WiFi in education, only a quarter of schools have a fully accessible wireless network, and if students are to have the chance to learn both in and out of lessons, Valerie Thompson of the eLearning Foundation argues that it needs to be addressed.

If schools are to use digital technology like iPad, 1:1 notebooks and other mobile devices, to their full potential, they need to make sure their wireless networks are up to scratch, Ms Thompson argued, according to a BBC news report, adding: “It’s vital to a 21st Century learning environment.”

Some 600 state schools across the UK were surveyed by market research company C3 Education, and there were some quite surprising results from the panel. Here are the highlights:

– 22% of 250 secondary schools said they had WiFi in most or all of their classrooms, 39% in some classrooms, and a remaining 39% with WiFi in either none or just a few of their classrooms!

– Primary schools fared just as badly in the WiFi connectivity stakes, with about 28% saying they had WiFi in most or all classrooms, 22% had in some classrooms and a massive half with WiFi in only a few or no classrooms!

A better way…

It doesn’t have to be that way though – as a WiFi expert and member of the eLearning Foundation ourselves, we’re well placed to help. We can carry out a free predictive WiFi survey to check your WiFi is in good nick, and offer solutions to remedy it if it’s not. Using a simple, controller-less solution from Aerohive, we help schools get a good network connection which has enough coverage and capacity to cover all your wireless devices.

Want to know more about how we can improve your WiFi connectivity with a free WiFi survey and Aerohive

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