Education app of the week: Snapguide for iPad

Snapguide is a remarkably simple app that lets you create and share step-by-step guides with pupils. It’s that easy to use, you can even send them off to create their own. Here’s a bit more about the app…

What is Snapguide?

Snapguide (Heavy Bits Inc, free) is an app for iPad – or iPhone – for making your own how-tos. If you and your pupils are familiar with photo and image gathering apps like Pinterest and Instagram, using Snapguide should come pretty naturally. You start off by taking photos using your iPad’s camera, or researching and editing appropriate images from the web. Then, you can upload these into your Snapguide template and add captions to make a unique step-by-step guide to be shared on the Snapguide community.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Snapguide is useful as both a teaching tool and as a way for pupils to put together short projects for assessment. The visual nature of the guides – images with short text captions – makes them an easy way for you to explain everything from a science experiment to a cookery recipe to your pupils. Because of the simplicity, it also means pupils can start putting their own guides together. Get them to explain their way through a chemistry experiment by making a Snapguide, and you can assess what level their comprehension of the topic is. There are already thousands of user-created Snapguides to browse through by category in the Snapguide community too, so it can be pretty handy as a research tool.

What’s the best feature?

There’s a big emphasis on sharing within Snapguide, which is incredibly handy for when you want to get your step-by-step materials out to pupils’ devices, and vice-versa. Unlike some apps, which can be a pain to share projects between, Snapguide lets you email, Tweet and post to Facebook from directly within the app, as well as share your guide with the world, tagging it by category to make it easy for people who might be interested to find.

Where can I get it?

If Snapguide (Heavy Bits Inc, free) sounds like something you’d like to try, you can simply search for the app from within the App Store on your iPad, or download it from iTunes. It’s fantastically easy to use, and free too!

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