Education app of the week: Socrative for iPad

A great way of getting pupils engaged in lessons, as well as assessing their progress, Socrative is a simple quiz app for iPad that lets teachers set questions for the class to answer on their devices. We’ve picked out Socrative’s best bits below…

What is Socrative?

The Socrative app (Socrative, free) effectively turns your class’s iPads, iPhones or iPhone touches into handheld buzzers for custom quizzes. You can add your own questions within the app, or even import tables of questions using Socrative’s Excel template to create questionnaires for pretty much any area of the curriculum in just a couple of minutes! Options include Quick Quizzes and Space Races – a fast-paced game in which pupils have to propel rockets across the screen by answering questions.

How can it benefit the classroom?

As well as being a fun way to get pupils taking part in class, and getting excited about different subjects, Socrative is also really useful in feeding back on their understanding. Having multiple choice questions makes it possible to instantly mark pupils’ quizzes digitally, with feedback getting sent directly to teachers’ devices as a bar chart for assessment. That also means you can report on which parts of your quizzes pupils are finding too easy or too difficult, and tailor them to prepare for future classes.

What’s the most useful feature?

One of the coolest options available in Socrative is the ‘Exit Ticket’. This aggregates all the pupils’ answers into a report at the end of the class, and also lets them write down what they’ve actually learnt in the lesson. It’s a great tool for feedback that helps teachers support learners and understand their needs.

[UPDATE 25/03/13]: Socrative have now added a couple of significant updates to the app which we think teachers will really love. Firstly, there’s now the ability to add images to multiple choice and short answer questions, making them even more engaging. They’ve also made it possible for Socrative to automatically grade short answers for you.

Where can I get it?

Both the Student Clicker and Teacher Clicker versions of Socrative are available from the App Store on your device, or by heading to iTunes.

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