The latest Autodesk offers: 0% finance, discounted subs and more

With Autodesk’s regular update window approaching, we’re recommending everyone gets their renewals, subscriptions and upgrades in order sooner rather than later. Here’s our guide to beating the rumoured price hike and maximise ROI, complete with 0% finance deals, multi-year discounts and subscriptions…

24 months’ 0% finance when you spend over £20K 

Until the 25th April, if you spend over £20,000 on Autodesk software, you can get up to 24 months’ 0% finance on the entire purchase. There are a couple of stipulations: 60% of your spend has to be on new seats, and subscriptions have to make up less than 40% of it. Other than that, you’re all good – pick up Maya, AutoCAD3ds Max, Revit, a couple of Entertainment Creation Suites or anything else Autodesk that takes your fancy.

Why go for a 0% finance deal? Well, aside from helping you split the cost of your initial purchase into predictable monthly sums that you can factor into your budget, financing purchases like this can actually help you get a quicker return on investment. Because your initial outlay is far smaller, it’s easier for your team to pick up extra work to make up for the spend as they go – you don’t have to train users on a new system and trying to put out an extra twenty grand’s worth of work at the same time, and it doesn’t take as long for your income to catch up with your lower, incremental outlay.

Save 5% when you buy a 3-year Autodesk Subscription (and do buy one, even if you’re late…)

Also on at the moment is an offer which lets you get 5% off the cost of your Autodesk Subscriptions when you purchase a three year plan instead of a one year one. With the next round of updates due to up the price of a subscription and of individual products, we’re strongly recommending that everyone upgrades their software and renews their subscription for three now for maximum savings (and maximum discount).

Autodesk intend for people to buy subscriptions at the same time as they buy or upgrade their software, but you can buy for up to 30 days after that for no extra charge, or even later if you don’t mind forking out a late fee. You just need to be aware that your subscription will be back dated to the date you bought the software it goes with, so if you buy a year’s sub six months late, you’ll need to renew it after another six months, because you’ll have had the software a year.

If that sounds like a lot of hassle, remember our top three reasons to love Autodesk Subscriptions. Aside from making sure you’re always current, getting you advanced access to the latest features and putting you at the top of the tech support queue, subscriptions are a great way to push down the total cost of ownership of your Autodesk software. Currently, if you update every three years or more frequently, it’s cheaper to buy a subscription, renew it annually and get your updates for free – something that’s unlikely to change if the 2014 versions of Autodesk products come with the rumoured price hike.

Using Autodesk 2007 ? Time to upgrade

Finally, a quick reminder that Autodesk have simplified their upgrade policy, so now upgrading any licence from up to six versions back will cost you 70% of the price of a full seat. If you’re on earlier software, you’ll have to replace each of your licences with a whole new licence, and if you’re on Autodesk 2007, this is your last change to save. Our recommendation? Upgrade now, and get yourself a subscription so that you don’t have to worry about any of this again next year…

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