Education app of the week: Book Creator for iPad

iBooks are a great way of getting pupils to put multimedia projects together, as well as creating and sharing your own teaching materials, and with our latest app of the week, you can actually start publishing them directly on iPad, rather than having to use iBooks Author on your Mac. Here are a few other reasons why we think Book Creator for iPad deserves a download…

What is Book Creator for iPad?

You could think of Book Creator for iPad (Red Jumper Studio, £2.99) as a digital exercise book, allowing pupils to collate bits and pieces of information into iBooks. They can write text, insert images, video and narration to create engaging science journals, digital stories and much more, which can then be published as an iBook. It’s the no #1 Book app for the iPad in 54 countries, is in the Guardian’s Top 50 Apps for the iPad, has won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and we’re big fans too!

How can it benefit the classroom?

iBooks can be used pretty much across the whole curriculum – anywhere that pupils need to put together projects which take in multiple different types of content. For example, they could easily create a science experiment that includes a text analysis, images and diagrams, and even video of the experiment itself taken with the iPad’s camera. Being able to record and add audio narration is also great for improving speaking, listening and presentation skills.

As an iBook, it’s then easy to share the project with staff and other pupils for assessment and peer review through iTunes, Dropbox, WebDAV etc, exported as a PDF or even printed out as a paper version.

What’s the best feature?

What I think really makes Book Creator for iPad stand out is the chapter merging feature. This lets pupils collaborate on projects by working separately on their own sections, then allow the teacher to merge chapters into a single iBook for assessment and publishing. Merging chapters makes it really easy for teachers to mark up the project and provide feedback to pupils, something which I’ve gone into a bit more detail about here.

Where do I get it?

Head to the App Store on your iPad to download Book Creator for iPad, or get it from iTunes here. It’s normally £2.99, but is available under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, so will only set you back £1.49 per app if you purchase in bulk of more than 20 instances.

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