Jigsaw24 at BVE 2013: Ideas on how to back up and archive efficiently

Your project doesn’t stop being an asset just because you’re done with it. Archive properly, and you’ll soon have all kinds of media you can repurpose, reuse and even resell, making sure you get maximum reward for the effort you put in in the first place. (I’d talk more about backup here, but you should all know how important this is by now.)

We can help you keep your insurers happy in the short term and yourselves in pocket in the long run with our custom backup and archive solutions. Here are a couple of combos we love, but remember that we can help you develop a custom setup to suit your workflow if you’re after something more bespoke – just drop by stand F33 at BVE to discuss your options.

PresSTORE and LTO libraries

Archiware’s PresSTORE Backup allows you to back up your Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris servers to disk or tape (which you can then easily take off site for extra security). The archive will contain everything from project data to permissions and resource forks, and you can write to a mixture of disks and drives in different locations simultaneously, so it’s quick and easy to ensure redundancy.

This can work in concert with the PresSTORE Archive module, which includes a bare bones asset management system, allowing you to generate proxies and add custom metadata, making it easier to organise your archive and speed up retrieval. The key thing about these solutions is their ease of access – PresSTORE is browser-based, so you can access it from anywhere. For further customisation, a command line interface lets you hook in to your existing Final Cut Server or solutions such as CatDV. And all of this is controlled from within a single GUI, so you don’t have to worry about learning multiple systems just to stay on top of your files.

We have a range of LTO solutions available, starting from a single drive, and can work with your team to decide which configuration will work best with your needs, depending on what you’ll be backing up and archiving and how often.

Atempo and Spectra Logic tape libraries

For when nothing less than truly massive archives will do, we recommend going with Atempo and Spectra. Like PresSTORE, Atempo Digital Archive can be customised to work with your existing system. It’s also capable of retrievng full MXF files, or even just selected portions of them. You can use Atempo Digital Archive to set a simple set of parameters, such as file type, last accessed date or project age, and then use those as triggers to move projects off your SAN to nearline storage to cheaper disk, tape or cloud storage.

Where do you put all this data? We’d go with Spectra Logic’s LTO-5 (and new LTO-6) tape libraries. As well as their data integrity, low power consumption, high capacity and low cost per TB of data, their integrated Media Lifecycle Management tools let you monitor ageing or high risk media to ensure that nothing in your archive ever ends up as extremely expensive dust. If you’ve got a large archive, you’ll be pleased to hear Spectra’s libraries are capable of bulk load and unload thanks to their TeraPack system, so you don’t have to load each tape manually – this should also help to keep the overall size of your library down.

If you already have a tape library and want to move to Spectra Logic, you can use their Trade Up scheme to keep the cost of your new archive to a minimum by trading in your old hardware. Once you’re using Spectra Logic products, you can use the same scheme to trade in libraries as you outgrow them, so scaling up has less of an impact on your budget.

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