Jigsaw24 at BVE 2013: Shared online storage and editing

Whether you need fast local drives to edit from or are looking to set up a SAN that all your artists can share, online storage is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of the post setup. We can advise you on everything from Fibre Channel networks that’ll make sharing 4K files a breeze to local Thunderbolt drives that’ll help iMac-based assist stations keep up the pace, as well as planning how to support your Active Storage setup going forward or helping you transition to the most cost effective Avid solution around.

High speed DAS

When it comes to Direct Attached Storage, you want the fastest speeds possible – especially if you’re one of the growing number of people who have to deal with the large files generated by 4K projects. Luckily, there are a range of rackmount Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS options available from vendors like Dot Hill.

Your desktop options are SAS, eSATA and Thunderbolt, with Sonnet, LaCie, PROMISE and G-Tech all delivery solid options. If you want to move between machines and aren’t always going to be working with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs, their are plenty of USB 3.0 RAID options out there, too. (We’ll actually have the UK’s only Thunderbolt LaCie 5big on our BVE stand, F33.)

Shared storage and Storage Area Networks

It’s hardly surprising given how long they’ve been turning out their own hardware, but in the ISIS range Avid have one of the best shared storage systems around for post work. The ISIS 5000 (starting at 16TB) and ISIS 7000 (starting at 32TB) are incredibly scalable – the 7000 can grow to over a petabyte, so scaling upward as your business grows won’t be a problem.

However, the real benefit is its tight integration with Media Composer via ISIS client manager. It enables bin locking and features like FlexDrive, which allows you to add workspaces and change the amount of space assigned to each on the fly, ensuring priority jobs are always given the resources they need. Besides this, the ISIS file system has been designed from the ground up to help you deliver realtime QoS to multiple workspaces and support simultaneous access to media, which anyone who’s managing a busy facility will appreciate – it’s even tested and qualified with Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro CS6, so you can keep all your machines on a single shared storage system.

Another point in ISIS’ favour is the fairly staggering range of offers available – you can trade in Unity and LANshare seats for discounts, and if you trade in Final Cut Pro seats for Avid ones you can get 32TB of ISIS storage and ten seats of Media Composer for £35K.

Also worth a look is StorNext, a SAN solution from the ever-reliable Quantum. This software underpins Apple’s XSan, which is an option if you’re after a blistering fast Final Cut or Premiere Pro workflow. If you’re in a smaller workgroup, no worries: our qualified team of engineers can work with you to design and build a shared storage system that’s tailored specifically to your facility, whatever mixture of platforms and programs you need it to support.

And if you went for Active Storage…

As with the recently withdrawn Mac Pro, we’re gathering Active-related hardware (our stash of spares include drives, PSUs and RAID controllers) and we’ll honour any existing support contracts we have with our Active Storage customers – you can even add hardware cover to your existing contract if it’s not in there. We’re also taking on maintenance contracts from other Active customers, even if you didn’t buy your original setup from us. Our support programme is still developing, so if you have any specific requirements get in touch or drop by stand F33 and we’ll see how we can help.

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