App of the week: mobilEcho

The mobilEcho app is the first enterprise-level mobile file management solution, and gives business users secure and managed access to Windows file servers on their iPhone or iPad.

What is mobilEcho?

Unlike the other apps we have featured, GroupLogic’s mobilEcho is an enterprise solution. As well as being an app that sits on an iPad or iPhone to give access to Windows File Servers, SharePoint and NAS devices, it’s also software that gets installed in an IT backend to give iOS devices access to those servers.

Essentially, by having it installed on business iOS devices, end users can access all their files stored back in the office from anywhere. Similarly, businesses can also push important files out to all of their iOS devices. Very useful!

So how does it work?

Well, for the end user, it’s ridiculously simple; they install the app on their device just like they would any other. Alternatively, for ease, IT admin can send an invite with instructions of how to install a pre-configured app. Once connected to the company’s file servers, they just select the app and they’ll have access to everything they need – complete with the same folder structure as if they were accessing it on a laptop or desktop.

For IT admin, once the software is installed in the backend, they’re able to authenticate users, give users access to their file shares on the servers, whitelist apps that IT are happy for users to move files into for editing, or prevent high security documents from leaving the mobilEcho environment. They can also remotely wipe the mobilEcho app and data within it, if the device is compromised.

Who’s it for?

As far as end users are concerned, there are two main groups that we reckon will benefit most from this.

When it comes to mobile sales teams, iPad is now quite literally the must-have device. It’s giving businesses the chance to use a device that not only looks great, but is incredibly practical and portable. mobilEcho lets those consultants constantly have access to the most up to date files (these could be price lists, data sheets etc.) whilst on the road.

Until mobilEcho came along, business users found workarounds such as emailing files to themselves or using unsecured third-party solutions. With this app, they can download a contract from the file server, open it as a Word document in an app such as Quickoffice Pro HD or within the mobilEcho environment (for added security) and save it back to the server.

The other group mobilEcho is particularly useful for is marketing teams. This is a great way to communicate with other business users. Gone are those days of having requests sent through by email from consultants at the other end of the country who need a particular piece of collateral. The entire back catalogue of the marketing department can be saved in the file server for anyone using the mobilEcho app to access.

Our favourite feature

Hands down the 2-way sync. Basically, whenever the iPad is connected to the internet (and mobilEcho is opened) any files that get placed into the 2-way sync folder on the file server side are automatically pushed to the iPad so that they can be accessed offline – they become stored locally. This is incredibly useful for pushing company documents out to all iPad users!

How much is it and where do I get it?

While the end user app is completely free and available from the app store here the pricing of the software side of things varies from business to business. To find out how much it would cost your business, get in touch with us on 03332 409 306 or email

Alternatively, if you fancy giving mobilEcho a go and finding out how it works, we’ve set up a FREE trial with GroupLogic, which you can download by visiting the link here –

Call us: 03332 409 306

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