Mac Pro support: It’s business as usual

Apple have announced that they’ll be withdrawing the Mac Pro from the EU and related countries, but to be honest, if you’re with Jigsaw24, you probably won’t notice. We’re taking on huge amounts of Mac Pro stock (all 12-Core and Quad-Core machines), complete with custom options for RAM, drives and more. Our Apple-accredited support staff aren’t exactly slacking either, with AppleCare and maintenance contracts available for your Mac estate.

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we carry out all our repairs in house, and will support Mac Pros as long as our customers are using them. We are taking on enough stock to tide our customers over for the forseeable future, even if you’re on a custom config, and will honour AppleCare agreements and support contracts on all existing machines and for anyone who buys a recently EOL-ed model. (You can add AppleCare to your current Mac Pro now if you purchased it in the last 12 months and want to be sure of support.)

Moving to iMac 

If you only need a Quad-Core Mac Pro, we’d recommend seriously considering moving to a new, i7-based iMac. They’re faster, and thanks to various Thunderbolt expansion chassis, you can now add any type of card you need (apart from GPUs, which we’re still trying to find a workaround for). We’ve got more on the new iMac here.

Definitely need a 12 core Mac Pro?

If you plan to continue using Mac Pros, now’s the time to talk to our team and try and forecast what you’ll need in the future, so that we can take on appropriate stock and make sure we stockpile the right parts in our underground bunker (we do actually have one of these). Again, we’ll honour support contracts and AppleCare on all existing Mac Pros and any CTO models you buy from us while will still have stock.

For more advice on your Mac Pro options AppleCare or the new iMac, give our team a call on 03332 409 306 or email For the latest news, articles and updates, follow @Jigsaw24Video on Twitter or ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

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