5 reasons why businesses love iPad

Whether it’s because Apple’s iPad is the only tablet device to feature 256-bit hardware encryption or because it doesn’t take up as much IT admin time as a laptop, businesses are using iPad to improve the way they work.

Fully secure mobile working

iPad actually has four types of security: device (including passcode, timeout periods and device restrictions); network (secure WiFi and cellular access, and integration with VPNs); data (there’s built-in hardware encryption using AES 256-bit encoding for preventing data being accessed when the device is locked); and platform (all apps are “sandboxed” stopping them accessing data on other applications). And with a mobile device management (MDM) solution, you get even more granular control over specific device features (turn to page 17 to find out more).

iPad can improve productivity

With iPad, employees have everything they need in one place; they can share information with colleagues via email, access important files, create and edit documents, present to clients, schedule meetings or have meetings over FaceTime, organise their day and keep in touch with colleagues. iPad can even integrate with important business processes such as CRM and IT management systems making it easier to quickly access vital day- to-day resources, or run Windows via virtualisation.

iPad improves the sales experience

iPad is literally the perfect tool for sales forces, giving them access to every piece of information they could possibly need to secure a sale – including customer profiles, customer purchase history, product stats, marketing tools etc. – all on one device. And, not only is it exceptional at multitasking, it also looks pretty flashy too.

iPad motivates employees

While there’s no denying that apps play a big part in driving up productivity, the fact is that workers are more likely to engage with a device that’s simple to use, easy to customise and that they feel ownership over. According to Citrix, one of the main reasons businesses are choosing to invest in bring your own technology (BYOT) schemes is to attract and retain employees.

iPad doesn’t have to be expensive

With an employee iPad scheme, businesses can benefit from deploying iPad without having to foot the full bill. The exact saving is always going to depend on the type of scheme you choose but, in many cases, the employee contributes around half the cost. At the end of the programme, the employee often keeps the device while the business has benefited from having a workforce using the most productive technology.

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