App of the week: Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad

When it comes to creating and editing documents on the iPad, there are few apps as all encompassing as Quickoffice Pro HD. Designed to sync up with your desktop files, this makes it easy to work on Microsoft Office documents on the move while keeping everything synced up to the office or home computer. Quickoffice Pro HD regularly features in reviews of the Top 10 business apps for iPad, being both affordable and able to share files in so many ways, and here’s why we love it.

What is Quickoffice Pro HD?

Quickoffice Pro HD is a productivity tool for iPad which lets you carry on editing all your Microsoft Office documents including Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations when you leave the office, quickly and professionally. It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t updated your Office software for quite a while – it’ll happily open any Office file right back to 1997 (though we would wonder why you’re trying to open an ancient Word file on a snazzy new iPad!).

Once you’ve opened your doc, you have free run of annotation, being able to mark up and track changes with the same tools you’re used to in the regular desktop version of Office, then save it back as a .doc or .docx file, as a PDF for viewing on pretty much any piece of technology that uses electricity (your toaster has a PDF reader app, right?) or print straight from iPad using iOS’s AirPrint function and an enabled printer.

But it’s not all just about marking up and sharing documents – Quickoffice Pro HD also lets you create your own documents from scratch, so if you need a well-featured word processing app on the train with a dozen of the most-used fonts, or decide to knock up a quick spreadsheet in the Post Office queue, it’s got you covered.

What’s our favourite feature?

We’ve tried out a few apps that purport to be the king of syncing documents in the cloud (Documents To Go is another great one), but we’d have to say Quickoffice Pro HD supports the most sync services. Google Drive, Dropbox,, Evernote, Catch, SugarSync, Huddle, Egnyte – they’re all supported in Quickoffice Pro HD, so you should be fine whatever service you like using. Of course, if you’re sharing company docs with third-party apps like these, your company will probably have some security measures in place, so it’s best to check first.

Who’s it for?

Ultimately, Windows users. That might sound strange but, if you’re used to Microsoft Office and want your iPad files to sync up with your PC, this is by far the best option. It’s proof that iPad is a genuine productivity tool that can sync with and more than hold its own in the enterprise sector. The extensive markup tools and fact that you can export as .doc, .docx and .pdf mean you can share files with anyone running any version of Office, making it a completely collaborative, mobile solution. Which we like very much. The only thing we would like to see is better handling of Word documents which include embedded images, and the functionality to import an image directly from iPad’s Camera Roll, but we really are being picky here.

If you do prefer working in Apple’s own iWork productivity software like Pages, Numbers and Keynote, however, we would suggest you look at the proper Pages, Numbers and Keynote iOS apps for the ultimate in Apple synchronisation.

Where can I get it?

Quickoffice Pro HD (Quickoffice, Inc) is available on the Apple App Store or iTunes for (the current sale price of) £13.99, which we think is a bit of a bargain considering it handles all Excel, Word and PowerPoint files.

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