e7 team: iPad training session with Montsaye Academy

For my latest iPad training sessions as part of our free e7 1:1 iPad pilot scheme, I jetted over to Montsaye Academy in Rothwell, Northants, to help them get to grips with their devices. Happily, all the staff and students were already very clued up on the actual iPad device, which was a great starting point, so we looked into some of the finer points of email, Apple ID and the iOS operating system.

There was a big focus on a 1:1 workflow on the training agenda – specifically email. Montsaye are creating their own school email addresses, so each student can have their own Apple ID attached to a secure email address which only they have the password to. This means they can download their own apps, easily access their own email and generally personalise the iPad to themselves. By the end of the sessions, the students were happy to go away and start using the devices on their own, and it will be great to see how they’ve been using them at the end of their term-long pilot scheme.

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