Our top three reasons to love Autodesk Subscriptions

If you’ve decided it’s time to download Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2013, are looking to upgrade 3ds Max¬†or reckon it’s time to splash out on an Entertainment Creation Suite, we’ve got a recommendation to make – buy an Autodesk Subscription at the same time.¬†

Autodesk Subscription Centre

While it may seem steep to fork out for another service along with your software, maintaining an Autodesk Subscription will cost you a fraction of the price of updating your software regularly, and is the ideal way to manage and predict your software costs (the annual subscription fee is 20-35% of the cost of an upgrade, depending on your product, so anyone who updates at least once in three years will save). It also gives you loads of additional support and benefits. We asked our Post-Production Product Manager, Kim, to pick three of the best…

Free software upgrades

“This is the biggie – if you’ve got a valid Autodesk Subscription, you get any upgrades to your software free, even if they’re full new versions. This means you can always be running the most recent version of the software and taking advantage of new tools, even if you’re strapped for cash when it’s actually released.¬†Subscription customers also get first access to Subscription Advantage Pack (SAP) releases, which include bug fixes and additional features – often before they become available to normal users.”

Flexible licensing

“If you’re an Autodesk Subscription customer, you can choose to use the most recent version of your software, or roll back up to three versions to access legacy projects or work with clients on older systems. You can also install your software on two devices – a work PC and your personal laptop, say – so you can work from any location, although you can’t have the program open on both machines simultaneously. And if you’re really keen on working from anywhere, you’ll be pleased to hear that an Autodesk Subscription also gives you territory rights, so you can use your software outside the country for up to 90 days in each year of your subscription.”

Technical support

“Your Autodesk Subscription entitles you to technical support direct from Autodesk, so you can get advice from their community forum or submit a case on their online portal. On certain products you’ll also get advanced support, which entitles you to 24 hour phone support from Monday to Friday, remote desktop assistance and API support.”

All your subscription benefits are accessible through Autodesk’s Subscription Centre, an online portal where you can manage your contract, access your benefits and generally keep on top of all things Autodesk.

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