Which new Mac is right for you?

Between iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, the ultra-thin new iMac, the souped up Mac mini and the new 13” Retina MacBook Pro, choosing which of the latest Macs to splash your well-earned cash on isn’t easy. We’ve tried to ease the strain by rounding up the key features of the new releases in one handy post. Here goes…

13” Retina MacBook Pro: any sharper and it’d have your eye out


13" Retina Macbook Pro

For many people, this is the notebook they’ve been waiting for. Just as powerful and slim as their 15″ siblings, these MacBook Pros are lighter and much more portable, so perfect for anyone needing to work in super-sharp detail while on the move (of course, they’re also ideal for watching your Die Hard box set on long train journeys too). Apple have also swapped out the hard drive for super-speedy Flash memory, giving you a faster start time and more responsive apps.

The key specs include:

– 2560×1600 Retina display

– Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor

– Starts at 128GB Flash memory

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Mac mini: Fast. Powerful. Sandwich-sized.

mac mini

Apple have kept the changes to the Mac mini fairly minor, adding USB 3.0 connectivity and Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge technology but leaving the rest mostly intact, with only the graphics processor changing (it’s now an Intel HD Graphics 4000). Anyone who orders a custom model can now double up on RAM thanks to the new 8GB chip, which allows you to squeeze 16GB of RAM into your Mac mini’s tiny form factor, complemented by up to 1TB of hard drive space or 256GB of Flash storage. Oh, and they’ve knocked £30 off the price too. You can’t argue with that.

The key specs include:

– Up to 16GB RAM

– Dual or Quad-Core Intel i5 or i7 processor

– Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor

– Up to 1TB HDD or 256GB Flash storage

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 Lightning strikes twice: iPad mini and iPad with Retina display


iPad mini

Filling that niche between the iPhone 5 and the regular iPad, Apple’s svelte 7.85″ iPad mini comes with a 1024×768 screen and Dual-Core Intel A5 chip. It’s got more screen space and power than Apple’s phone, but simultaneously more portability than its bigger brother. Apple have obviously worked hard to make this a one-hand tablet, and have delivered a 7.2mm, 0.68lb device that somehow manages to cram in a FaceTime HD camera, a 5MP iSight camera, LTE cellular, faster WiFi, and a Lightning port. The new size also makes it a more viable option for taking photo and video than the regular-sized iPad, which always felt a bit wrong when taking snaps. As usual, there’s a range of different storage capacities depending on how many documents, apps, songs and videos you want to carry round, and a choice of black or white too.

Key specs include:

– Intel Dual-Core A5 chip

– 1024×768 display

– Lightning connectivity

– 10 hour battery life

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Apple have also revealed a new 9.7” iPad, the 4th Generation iPad. Sporting the latest Intel A6X chip, it’s said to have twice as fast CPU and graphics performance as any previous iPad, as well as faster WiFi, LTE support, Lightning connectivity and a 720p FaceTime HD camera.

Key specs include:

– Intel A6X chip

– 2x faster CPU and graphics performance

– Lightning connectivity

– 10 hour battery life

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 The new iMac: Faster. Thinner. Still super.


new iMac

Apple aren’t all about mini computers and mobile devices – there’s still plenty for us desktop types to shout about. The 8th generation iMac comes equipped with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity, the new iMac Quad-Core i5 or i7 processors as you prefer, and up to 32GB RAM thanks to Apple’s new 8GB RAM chips – great for anyone who’s doing design or video work using demanding apps like Creative Suite.

However, the big news is that it’s ditched the SuperDrive in exchange for Apple’s new Fusion technology. This combines the speed of SSD with the capacity of HDD, so you get the near-instant startup times of an SSD drive but can rely on the size and power of a spinning disc drive when need be. Then there’s the fact that its thinnest edge is 80% thinner than that of the previous iMac – at 5mm thick, it’s nearly as slim as a MacBook Air.

The key specs include:

–  USB 3.0 connectivity

– Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors

– Fusion technology

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