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Working with iPad in schools and colleges week in, week out, we test out hundreds of apps to see just how they can benefit learners. So we thought we’d start picking out our favourites in this weekly blog. The first to get the Jigsaw24 Education treatment is Coach’s Eye – an app designed for video analysis in PE, but which is equally suited to any subject where students need to review evidence of processes, especially in science. Check it out… 

What is Coach’s Eye?

Coach’s Eye (TechSmith Corporation, £2.99) is an app for Apple iPad and iPhone that lets you record video, add a voiceover and make annotations using simple markup tools. Similar to the Dartfish video software, it’s ideal for sports analysis, letting you slow down, speed up and freeze individual frames of your video independent of your voiceover, so you could, for example, review how a student’s breaststroke or batting technique in cricket was progressing. You can then really easily share the finished analysis by signing up for a free online Coach’s Eye account and upload the video (either publicly or privately) on the site, or share via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Goodreader or any other number of services.

How will it benefit the classroom?

As well as the obvious application in PE for sports analysis, Coach’s Eye is great in any subjects based around analysing processes, especially science. Students can provide evidence of their own work, and you can analyse their thought processes by noting which parts of their video they found important to annotate, slow down and explain.

One of the most interesting uses I’ve seen for Coach’s Eye is in a physics experiment. Students work in groups to design and build bridges made from paper straws, then test their strength by applying weights to different stress points. They can use Coach’s Eye to record the resulting destruction, applying a voiceover and annotation to explain the weak points of the bridge, and how they would strengthen them in future.

What’s the most useful feature?

The best thing about Coach’s Eye, by far, is the fact you can record a voiceover independently from editing the video. So, students can speed up sections and add freeze frames as they’re speaking, rather than recording the video part and adding their analysis over the top. Coach’s Eye packages it all up as a single file ready to be shared with staff and peers.

Where can I get it?

Coach’s Eye (TechSmith Corporation, £2.99) is available for Apple iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store and iTunes. It’s also available under the Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP), which means you can get it for £1.49 per download if you buy in bulk of more than 20.

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