BVE 2012: Our team pick the best bits

So, that’s it. BVE is over for another year. After three days of meeting vendors, tyre kicking new products and getting to see some of our customers face-to-face, we asked our consultants to tell us about their highlights of BVE 2012.

James Graham, M & E Solutions Architect

It was great to chat to a huge range of different people about their workflows and the things they where doing, and to answer some questions on how to take their workflows forward. One of the main ‘hot topics’ that I talked through with people was the problem of how to ingest their massive amount of raw data faster and get editing quicker. With that in mind, we were demoing some of the latest and fastest Thunderbolt workflows – the Thunderbolt to CF card reader that Sonnet passed our way allows people to ingest at the maximum speed of their CF card. Also, the eSATA to Thunderbolt hub from LaCie got people excited about being able to connect their newest generation Macs to their existing eSATA storage.

Personally I think one of the most exciting products I saw, although not a brand new thing, was the Teradek Cube. I had used one a couple of times and knew the possibilities, but as Nicol from Teradek talked me through the setup they had there and some of the problems I had encountered, it became apparent not only how simple and configurable The Cube actually was, but how much of a game changer it could be. Realtime metadata tagging is not only simple but can be done by multiple people. Permissions can be set to stop the scriptwriter, for example, making comments about the lighting. The other thing is that you can take proxy files direct to a computer, (meaning that the rough cutting can begin during the shoot) which can be linked to the high-res versions. But this is only really scratching the surface of what Teradek’s range can do. This is a product to watch.

Anthony Hammond, AV Business Manager

It was great to see how much interest people had in the video wall. Some people were keen to know how it worked, others just wanted one for their front room. It was interesting to speak to people who were thinking of doing more simple digital signage type networks, but saw this as an inspiration to add some serious style to their display endpoints. Our systems are capable of supporting video wall or standard screen endpoints – all over the same centralised content management system.

In terms of products, I was also impressed with the Teradek. We saw our friends at Cambridge Imaging too, whose Orbital and Imagen products have blown us away in terms of their flexibility in capturing, tagging and repurposing broadcasted content.

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