Recording and broadcasting lessons at St George’s College

St George’s were looking at expanding the reach of their lectures and wanted to find a way of recording and broadcasting their lessons to students at home, as well as other schools and colleges they are partnered with. We set them up with cameras, wireless mics, and screen capture and editing software.

For the recording, we suggested a Sony HVR-V1E HDV camera with a Sennheiser wireless microphone connected to a HVR-D60 hard drive recording unit, all of which can be activated by remote control. This, working alongside a Camtasia screen capture program to record what students see on the interactive whiteboards, allowed footage of both the content and the teaching to be recorded for students to have access to after the session.

We then provided the college with some custom motion templates for their Final Cut Suite, so their recordings could be dropped into the template and exported to various mediums including the college intranet, the web and also DVD, making them easily accessible for everyone who needed to see them.

The system has worked really well and now students, teachers and the partnered colleges can access parts of the curriculum off campus. This has been a particularly useful facility for students who have missed lessons through illness or holiday, and also cuts out the need for students from partner schools and colleges to have to travel between campuses.

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