4K made easy: The Canon C500 and AJA’s Ki Pro Quad

If you’re looking for an easy way to do 4K, the combination of Canon’s C500 and AJA’s Ki Pro Quad is a really exciting prospect. As the swishy AJA promo clip below explains, the Thunderbolt equipped Ki Pro Quad can record 4K 4:4:4 RAW directly from the C500’s sensor, debayer and convert it to 2K or 4K ProRes, send it straight to your Mac in RAW format, or provide a link between your camera and a 4K display, so you can monitor at full res on set.

To celebrate Canon and AJA’s continuing bromance, we’re selling the C500 and AJA Ki Pro Quad as a pair – well, that and we genuinely think it’s the best way to buy them. “I think in most cases the C500 gains a lot from the Ki Pro Quad,” explains video consultant James Graham.

“Unlocking high bitrates through ProRes and 4K shooting is a key feature here – 50Mbps is fine, and adequate for a lot, but it’s the bare minimum for broadcast acquisition. Using ProRes HQ at 220Mbps gives you so much more to work with. Anyone who was thinking about dynamic range, log shooting, and creating something dramatic when they chose to buy the C500 is definitely going to feel the benefit of pairing it with the Quad, even before we get on to the major factor of unlocking the C500’s 4K capabilities, even 4K RAW over Thunderbolt.”

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