Our favourite creative apps for iOS and Android

Contrary to popular belief, we designers aren’t actually chained to our workstations all day long. But even when we’re on the move it’s good to be able to stay creative, sketch out any spur-of the moment ideas and touch base with the office from our iPad and mobile devices.

When we do get the occasional opportunity to nip down to the shops and restock the biscuits, these are a few of the top creative and collaborative iOS and Android apps we use…


“When it comes to type, one of my favourite apps is WhatTheFont (MyFonts, Free). Say you see a font you like on a sign or advert – just take a photo with your iPad or iPhone’s camera and WhatTheFont can help you find out what it is. Interested in where fonts come from? The Typography Manual (Justin Stahl, £2.49) is everything you need to know about type, and a great read.” – Paul

Fontest (No Allegiance, free) is great, as it lets you preview how your fonts will look on Android devices. It comes pre-loaded with six high quality fonts for free, but you can upload your own TTF and OTF fonts, and resize and customise to your heart’s content.” – Liana

 Colour management

“If you need access to all your Pantone swatches while you’re on the move, there’s a solution in the myPantone app (X-Rite Inc, £6.99, pictured top). There’s a whole host of Colour Libraries included, and it even lets you build colour palettes to share with colleagues and clients.” – Liana

“I’d like to add Color Expert (Code Line, £9.99) to Liana’s suggestion. This colour app helps you create colour swatches and sets, and also allows you to pick colours directly from images. Very useful!” – Paul


“There are a tonne of apps I use on both my iPad and iPhone to keep me productive. Acrobat Reader (Adobe, free) lets me view PDFs as they’re meant to be on mobile devices, Feedly (DevHD, free) means I can manage my creative feeds – Google Reader, Google News, Youtube, RSS News Reader – within a beautifully designed app, but perhaps the most vital is the Toggl Timer (Toggl, free) app. As we use Toggl to track time in the office, this is a life-save for when you forget to stop your timer when you leave work!” – Paul

“I’m currently loving the Google Drive (Google, free) storage app myself, as it really helps with collaboration in working on pages, particularly if the clients or collaborators are far away. I also always use Wunderlist (6 Wunderkinder, free) to save links to interesting articles, tutorials and resources that I know I will need in the future.” – Liam

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