Perfect project management with help from Oasys Mail Manager

We thought it was high time we had a proper look at Oasys’s email organisation tool – Mail Manager. A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook for Windows, this lets you find, file and share emails easily – it improves project management by keeping project emails stored alongside related files, rather than leaving them spread across multiple systems and in locked inboxes.

When you’re working on a large project, everyone knows files need to be backed up and stored in the right place. But with Mail Manager, as much attention can be given to storing your emails.

So what are the benefits?

Let’s start with the obvious: Oasys Mail Manager comes courtesy of Arup. As the architectural heavyweight’s software branch, Oasys and its products have been invested in by a global firm of consulting engineers, project planners and designers.

It’s probably not a big surprise to find that Oasys’ main focus is on the savings that Mail Manager provides. That’s not to say that there are only cost savings to be had. Mail Manager lets you save money by reducing the need to print emails and file hard copies. It also gives you the chance to save on storage space and reduce network traffic. Of course, less storage space needed does also mean less money spent on storage costs…

There are also savings to be had in the form of staff time and effort, as filing and finding emails quickly and easily (even when offline) is made much simpler by Mail Manager.

Oasys call it the easy life, and that’s probably the fairest assessment of what Mail Manager gives its users. This plug-in sits on top of Outlook and takes over a lot of the tasks that you’d normally have to do yourself. It automates certain functions (for example, automatically renaming email files), and provides prompts (such as a customised short list of filing locations) to speed up email organisation. If you need your colleagues to be able to access your emails, Mail Manager will file emails into one location (and supports Windows file structures). This gives everyone working on a project with you the chance to see project-related emails. There’s even a built-in search function that delivers results instantly, and then highlights any keywords.

If you find you’re normally out of the office, Mail Manager even provides offline filing from your laptop or mobile phone. Mail Manager for your mobile is available at no extra cost, and still comes with the majority of the benefits found on the PC version. By ensuring that you have everything stored and organised correctly, no matter where you are, you can also benefit from improved QA compliance and adherence to legal requirements (reducing the risk of eDiscovery).

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