Creating machines using section viewports in Vectorworks

Here’s another one from the Vectorworks KnowledgeBase. This time, the topic in hand is creating a front section of machine parts using Section Viewports.

“Section Viewports are often used by architects to see an elevation of a building, but they can also be useful for machine part designers. They are especially useful for machine part designers when a section is needed of the part, representing something other than the surface. Let’s use this as our example:

Section VP1

To do this, first set the view in VectorWorks so that you see the Design Layer(s) with the machine part to be sectioned. Go to View>Create Viewport. In the Viewport Preferences, set the View to Front. Set the other Viewport preferences and click OK when done.

Section VP2
With the Viewport selected, go to View>Create Section Viewport. VectorWorks is now waiting for you to draw the section line.r

Section VP3

Draw the section line along the machine part by clicking to start the section line, and double clicking at the end of the section line.

You now have a section viewport of the machine part based on the section line.”

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