Using annotated scaled leaders to create linework on AutoCAD

“The basic idea behind this tip is that grid bubbles that display great at one scale don’t do so well at others. For example, same grid, different scales:


Using annotation scaling solves part of this problem – if your grid bubble block is annotative, it can easily have a different location at different scales. But the grid lines are a bit of a different story. If the grid bubble moves, the line also has to move in order to stay connected.

But lines and polylines don’t support annotation scaling. What to do?
Well, your best bet is using an annotative leader for the jogged portion. If you create a style with no arrow, you can create a three point leader (for a variable landing length), put it on the grid layer, and adjust its location appropriately for each scale. Then you don’t have to deal with duplicating objects on separate layers to accommodate the different scales.

Pretty nifty, isn’t it? Here’s a link to the full tip.

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Content taken from LT Unlimited.

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