Creating single-click PDFs in AutoCAD

If you’ve been plotting or printing Adobe PDF files from your AutoCAD drawings, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a simple alternative using just one click of your mouse – AutoCAD’s Export to PDF tool. Paul Munford runs us through how to use it over at Autodesk’s Between the Lines blog.

“The ability to ‘Plot’ PDF files directly from AutoCAD has been on the AUGI wish list for many years. PDF remains the standard ‘Electronic’ file format for drawing exchange in the AEC Industries. PDF support was finally added to AutoCAD in 2009.

If you have worked with previous versions of AutoCAD before release 2009, then you may have added a ‘Virtual’ PDF plotter to your computer. To create a PDF you would have had to send your Plot file to this Virtual Plotter, which would create a PDF instead of a paper plot.

This feature has now been built directly into AutoCAD. You can send your plots straight to AutoCAD’s DWG to PDF.pc3 Plot configuration file to create your PDFs.

But there is a faster and easier way…

How to export PDF files from AutoCAD Drawings in two simple steps.


Exporting PDF files from an AutoCAD drawing is a simple two step process:

  1. Click the Export button
  2. Type in a file name (optional) and hit the Save button.

It’s as easy as that!”

Read the full post at Autodesk’s Between the Lines blog.

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