Get set up for BIM: Hardware

BIM is not just about investing in the latest products, it’s about adapting to a new way of thinking. However, it does require a certain setup to cope with the changes it’ll bring to your workflow.

We’ve taken a look at the hardware that can help get you set up to run an efficient BIM workflow in which your hardware assists you, rather than holds you back. We’re not saying you’ll need to shell out on a high-spec system that would have NASA going green with envy, but make sure you meet the minimum recommended system requirements.

What hardware do I need?

When it comes to BIM, many people have been put off after experiencing slow speeds when running a test project. However, this is less the fault of BIM and more to do with sticking with outdated hardware that barely scrapes by when running the simplest CAD workflow (BIM or otherwise). If you’re running a large operation, you really should look at improving your server storage space and adopting quad-core processors, 64-bit operating systems and robust wide-area network (WAN) speeds. If you’re running a smaller operation, at the very least, you’ll want to get hold of a quad-core processor and as much storage as you can manage.

Something to consider…

An architect persevering with the same outdated machine could easily be losing two hours of work a week due to a slow machine that’s susceptible to poorly-timed crashes. And if that architect earns £30 an hour (in wages, benefits and overhead) and is losing two hours per week that could feasibly add up to £2880 per year. Whether you’re an architect yourself or employ architects, it all accounts for lost revenue – and all because upgrading sounded too expensive.

What are the options?

An HP Z600 dual quad-core Xeon 64-bit workstation costs £1955 and with that you get 8GB of RAM, a terabyte of hard drive space and (for a limited time) a free 21.5″ LCD monitor.


If you prefer Apple, you could get a quad-core Mac Pro and install some additional RAM. This model comes with 3GB of RAM (that can be expanded up to 16GB), a 1TB hard drive and a mid-level graphics card for £1675.
Or, if you’re in need of a mobile solution, a 15″ MacBook Pro with an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive will more than suffice and yet will only cost you £1249.

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