Easier underlay section in AutoCAD LT

Autodesk’s AutoCAD LT team are full of helpful tips, and when Kate Morrical posted about this time-saving way of dealing with frame options for underlays, we liked it so much we thought we’d share. Enjoy!

Easier Underlay Selection

“I’ve posted before about the frame options for underlays, but in case you’ve forgotten, here they are again:

  • FRAME=0: Frames are not displayed.
  • FRAME=1: Frames display and plot.
  • FRAME=2: Frames display but do not plot.

Before now, having the frame visible in the drawing (whether or not it plots) was the only way to select an underlay. But now, the new FRAMESELECTION variable gives you even more options.

When FRAMESELECTION is on (set to 1), as it is by default, and FRAME is set to 0, simply passing your cursor over where the border would be (if it were visible) is enough to highlight the underlay and let you select it. If your underlay is a PDF or DWF, with internal geometry, passing your cursor over that also highlights the reference.

For example, this circular structure (it’s actually a parking garage – trust me) is a PDF underlay in the drawing.

Underlay 1

When I move the cursor over it – either where the frame would be or over the geometry itself – the underlay is highlighted.

Underlay 2 Underlay 3

I can then select it and use its contextual ribbon tab, the Properties palette, grips, or regular commands to modify it as necessary.

I’ve used the word ‘underlay’ in this post because it’s PDF, DWF, DGN, and image files that always have frames, but clipped DWG files have frames too, and everything in this post applies to them as well.”

View Kate’s original article at LT Unlimited.

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